PRODUCT: The X-Helium boot featuring a Michelin MX hybrid sole is the midrange boot in the off-road line from TCX. The new Michelin sole is a feature not normally found on midrange boots. It offers improved grip on the footpegs. This boot doesn’t skimp on features, either. It still offers all the features found on most high-end boots, including a leather upper; CE-certified padding in the front and ankle area; a breathable Air Tech lining; suede heat guards; and polyurethane heel, toe and ankle guards. It uses four aluminum micro-adjustable buckles to ensure a snug fit no matter what size calf the rider has.

OUR TAKE: This is a good-looking and very comfortable boot. Break-in was minimal, and we never had any issues with pressure points or hot spots. A complement for any boot is its ability to become a part of your riding gear that becomes invisible. What we’re saying is, once they’ve been on your feet for a few minutes, you don’t even think about them. The TCX is one of those boots, because once they’re on your feet, you don’t give them a second thought.

The Michelin sole stays planted on the footpeg, while braking and shifting came naturally. The interior lining comfortably wrapped around the foot and ankle offering a very secure feel. Our resident ankle breaker found this boot very comfortable on his misshapen pivots. The ankle and shank padding allowed us to grip the bike without feeling the frame through the boot. Another feature we really like is that the buckling system is completely replaceable. The plastic straps stay secure once adjusted while being easily removed if damaged. The aluminum buckles can be replaced by simply removing one screw and slipping them off.

NEGATIVES: With any mid-level boot, there are some compromises, and the TCX X-Helium has some minor ones. After a full day of off-road riding we began to feel the footpeg through the bottom of the sole. This boot may not be the best choice for those big hits on the motocross track or desert racing.

BOTTOM LINE: For the price, we found the X-Helium boot from TCX to be an outstanding value. It offers many features normally reserved for high boots while including a top-of-the-line sole that other manufacturers don’t even offer. For any rider other than the pure moto head, this boot is an excellent choice. It offers great protection and comfort both on and off the bike.

PRICE: $289.99


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