JERICHO, Utah – After missing the last two rounds due to injury, FMF KTM Factory Racing Team’s Taylor Robert made his return to the 2018 AMA National Hare and Hound Championship on Saturday where he emerged victorious after an eventful day in Jericho, Utah.

Taylor Robert missed two rounds due to injury, but has returned to the top of the podium in the Kenda/SRT Hare & Hound Series. Photo Kato.

Robert powered his KTM 450 XC-F into the lead within the first mile of the race and he set the pace for a majority of the first loop. Robert made a small mistake near the end of loop one and briefly dropped into the second-place position but the Arizona native charged back to reclaim the lead heading into the second loop. However, Robert got hung up on a Juniper tree and it ripped him off the bike, which allowed two riders to get by on the second loop. Robert remounted and immediately put his head down to charge back to the front, where he engaged in a three-way battle for the lead for the next 30 miles. Robert was finally able to regain the lead with about 15 miles to go and he held strong all the way to the checkers, claiming his second victory out of the two races he’s entered in 2018.

Kendall Norman continues to lead the series by a sizable margin. Photo, Kato.

Taylor Robert: With some snow and rain on Friday, the course was awesome! It had perfect wet dirt, which is very rare at a Hare and Hound event. We had an insane three-way battle going for about 30 miles and I was finally able to establish a solid lead with about 15 miles to go. I pushed super hard all the way to the finish and my wrists/arms were incredibly sore after the race but I was glad I was able to make it happen!”

Dalton Shirey get a little closer to the front with every race. Photo, Kato.

Team Manager, Antti Kallonen: “It’s amazing to see Taylor come back from an injury and jump right into it like nothing ever happened. He basically started riding last week for the first time, raced the Sprint Hero last weekend as a warm-up to see his fitness and speed, and now he backed it up with a Hare and Hound win this weekend.”

Overall Pro Class Results

  1. Taylor Robert, KTM, 3:46:22
  2. Kendall Norman, HON, 3:46:46
  3. Nick Burson, YAM, 3:50:56
  4. Dalton Shirey, HQV, 3:50:57
  5. Ryan Smith, HQV, 3:55:40

Overall Championship Standings

  1. Norman, 106 points
  2. Burson, 82
  3. Shirey, 71
  4. Robert, 60 (2 wins)

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