TASK RACING: 12-inch rechargeable light bar kit

PRODUCT: Task Racing’s rechargeable light bar kit with universal mounting is a 12-inch LED light bar that features six flood beams on each side and 12 spot beams in the middle, T6 aluminum housing, Lexan plastic light cover, stainless steel mounting kit, rechargeable battery and a wiring harness with handlebar-mounted controls.

POSITIVE: The Task kit installs easy and is very simple in design, so you spend less time trying to figure it out and more time riding. The entire system only weighs about 5 pounds and provides more than enough light for night riding. We really like the fact that this system can be mounted on anything or even held in your hand and used if needed.

NEGATIVE: We got about two hours out of the battery with a full charge and wish it would have lasted longer, but with the amount of light it puts out, we can’t really expect it to last too much longer.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a great, affordable, durable lighting system for the trail-riding guy who has multiple bikes and doesn’t want to spend tons of cash outfitting them all with lights. The kit installs quickly and easily with a universal design that fits just about anything. The kit comes complete with wiring, mounts, light and a rechargeable battery system.

PRICE: $379.95

CONTACT: www.taskracing.com

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