Team SplitFire/Pro Circuit Kawasaki?s Tallon Vohland has established a solid record over his decade-long career. He earned his first professional win at Tampa in 1990– a recent graduate of Kawasaki?s Team Green. He went on to Europe to compete in the Motocross World Championships from 1992-1998, finishing third twice. That move to Europe did not come without some hurdles. For three years he struggled with injuries and inferior equipment before being picked up by the European Kawasaki team in 1995. Despite all those injuries, his drive and determination were unstoppable when it came to racing and that made him a fan favorite. His European fans were so loyal that four of his faithful followers named children after him.

Just when it looked like Vohland would have his best shot at the championship, he was sidelined with a shoulder injury. He stayed for a few more years, but eventually packed his bags for home.

Vohland returned to the American racing scene at the end of the millennium, and although sidelined for the `99 Supercross season, showed his speed outdoors and was one of only four riders to beat Kawasaki?s Ricky Carmichael. With Carmichael moving into the 250cc class full-time in 2000, Vohland was the logical choice to be drafted into the Team SplitFire/Pro Circuit Kawasaki squad.

This year, Vohland proved he still has what it takes, by winning a moto at the opening round of the 2000 125 Nationals at Glen Helen, California. Today, he?s unquestionably the most experienced player in the 125 class, and he will return as captain of SplitFire?s legendary KX125 squad.


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