‘ T H R E E ‘

For the New Year once again Travis Fant(@tfant612) and Motocross Action (@mxa_73) decided to head out to Southern Colorado and film with Eli Tomac. It was only appropriate for their third New Year Video to pick the rider who recently changed his national number to 3. Eli Tomac grew up on a 700 acre farm in Colorado and from his home can hunt, mountain bike, and ride moto any time he wants. John Tomac is an icon in mountain biking already and hopes to have his son carry his footsteps as a motocross racer. Eli just won the 250 SX title and has moved up to the 450 class full time. Eli may only be a rookie in a class full of experience but he is sure to turn some heads this year in 2014. 

Directed/Produced/Filmed/Edited by Travis Fant 

A special thanks to the Tomac Family and Geico Honda for all their help on this project. 

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