The SWM RE500 is  a new name for most of us, but it might look familiar to many of us. When we last tested it in 2020, it was called the SWM RS500 and it was a fully certified dual-sport bike. Now, the 2023 version is back as a dirt-only model, simply because it’s awaiting recertification. If you know how the federal government works, you know that could take a while. Rather than wait for that to happen, the U.S. importer made a few changes and is offering it as a trail bike. Those changes include richer mapping and a more aggressive WRP exhaust system. In many states, this model is fully acceptable as a dual-sport bike as is. Another reason many riders might be familiar with the SWM is that it has roots that go back to the 2007 Husqvarna dual-sport line. Join us as we ride the 2023 SWM RE500 to learn more.

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