Suzuki has awakened in a big way with a completely new adventure bike for 2023. The V-Strom 800DE has a new 776cc parallel twin motor that marks a decided change in philosophy  from the V-twin 650 that was introduced back in 2002. It is said to be a more dirt-oriented bike than any of the V-Strom models of the past. There will also be an Adventure model with accessories as standard equipment. The Suzuki press release follows:

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE

The resounding success of the V-Strom product line has opened a new chapter with the all-new 2023 V-STROM 800DE line. A new product destined to advance a rider’s adventure. The growth and evolution of the V-STROM series has continued since the line’s introduction twenty years ago. The new 800 V-STROMs feature the same all-around capabilities as Suzuki’s recently launched V-STROM 1050DE, but in a smaller displacement bike, offering middleweight performance, precise handling, and a wide set of features.

The V-STROM’s enduring popularity since 2002 has resulted in strong global sales results. To date, worldwide sales have totaled more than 440,000 units. And now the all-new V-STROM 800DE is ready to break new ground once again.

With the all-new V-STROM 800DE, Suzuki focused on advancing a rider’s adventure, while delivering on the needs of a broader V-STROM customer base. In response to these demands, Suzuki engineers’ objective was to design the ideal adventure package, with engine and frame size optimized for spirited adventure riding. Offering features that advance pure riding excitement no matter the adventure. A new level of versatility and performance was the goal.

To realize these diverse needs, multiple optimization tests were fielded, and consumer feedback was analyzed and implemented to achieve a balance between several factors. The new V-STROM 800DE’s design and specs were finalized through this strategic and constructive process. Resulting in an ideal package for riders.

With the ideal package realized, the V-STROM 800DE features Suzuki’s brand-new parallel twin 776cc DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder engine, a rugged new steel frame, the longest amount of suspension travel, and the tallest ground clearance of any V-STROM model ever.

Every aspect of the design is geared to satisfy riders demanding more power than a 650cc class bike may deliver, with the ability to tour comfortably, and confidently explore riding adventures no matter the road.

Key Features
* New, compact 776cc parallel-twin engine uses a 270-degree firing order for strong torque delivery and is equipped with Suzuki’s exclusive Cross Balancer system for smooth operation.
* Equipped with the longest suspension and highest ground clearance of any V-Strom model, the V-STROM 800DE has a 21-inch front wheel for true off-road capability.
* The Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) includes Traction Control* with a trail-oriented GRAVEL mode plus rider-adjustable ABS** with two levels of sensitivity plus the ability to switch off the rear wheel ABS when riding off-road.
* New technology, Mono-focus LED headlights are vertically stacked with a position light below a trim, height-adjustable windscreen, while a multifunction full-color TFT instrument panel delivers a wealth of information.
* Visually stunning, the all-new angular bodywork retains Suzuki’s distinctive Adventure “beak” and is available in Champion Yellow No. 2 or Glass Matte Mechanical Gray topped with new, subtle graphics. The V-STROM 800DE Adventure is available in the popular Glass Sparkle Black color scheme.


Highlighted V-STROM 800DE features include increased suspension travel and taller ground clearance, wide tapered aluminum handlebars, a uniquely shaped aluminum swingarm, a 21-inch front wheel, inverted front forks, and a color TFT LCD multifunction instrument panel. All advancing adventure seamlessly.

The V-STROM 800DE also features advanced electronic control systems such as Suzuki Drive Mode Selector, the Suzuki Traction Control System* with G (Gravel) mode, Rear ABS** OFF mode, and Suzuki’s Bi-directional Quick Shift system.

An all-new 776 cc parallel-twin DOHC engine using a 270-degree crankshaft configuration helps deliver tractable performance and a broad powerband.

New Parallel-Twin Engine:
* The new design 776cc parallel-twin DOHC engine delivers a superb balance of smooth controllable torque-rich power from low RPM and freely revs up to its peak power output.
* The 270-degree crankshaft configuration provides similar power delivery characteristics as the 90-degree V-twins used in other V-Strom models, while producing a unique and exciting exhaust note.
* The spaced nature of the engine’s power pulses enhances traction and contributes to strong power output at low speeds, making the V-STROM 800DE easier to control on forest roads and trails.
* Suzuki Cross Balancer technology, used for the first time on a production motorcycle, helps create a compact, lightweight design delivering smoother operation.
* The pistons were developed using FEM (Infinite Element Method) analysis to maximize strength and minimize weight.
* The 83mm cylinder bores inside the aluminum die-cast cylinders are plated using Suzuki’s Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) process. Originally developed for racing and proven on the track, the SCEM cylinder promotes better heat dissipation, reduces friction, and provides a wear-resistant seal to the pistons’ rings.
* Dual, linked 42mm electronic throttle bodies provide an authentic response and feel to the rider’s throttle operation further advancing the adventure experience.
* The V-STROM 800DE employs two ten-hole, long-nose, 49 PSI (343kpa) high-pressure-feed fuel injectors maximizing fuel atomization for better combustion efficiency and lower fuel use.
* The 6.0L air cleaner box shape and intake pipe lengths were created using computer-aided design to help maximize peak power output plus stronger torque production at low engine speed. Positioned under the seat, the air box size and shape contribute to the V-STROM 800DE’s slim and compact chassis.
* The stainless-steel 2-into-1 exhaust system uses a high-flow, dual-stage catalytic converter inside the mid-pipe that helps satisfy worldwide emissions standards. A long, upswept muffler is attractive, provides a throaty exhaust note, and is well-positioned for accessory mounting.
* A large-capacity radiator effectively cools the V-STROM 800DE’s parallel twin. A thermostatically controlled cooling fan helps stabilize coolant temperatures at low speed and stops.
* The unique cooling system inlet control thermostat valve helps maintain consistent engine temperature and smooths the idle speed during warm-up. This helps stabilize combustion and contributes to reduced exhaust emissions.
* The V-STROM 800DE is also equipped with a lightweight, compact liquid-cooled oil cooler to help reduce oil temperatures for smooth and reliable engine operation. The Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) helps reduce fatigue on long rides and increases smoother shifting.

SUZUKI Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) Features:
* A Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) that supports the rider in matching performance to the riding and road conditions, or the rider’s preferred riding style.
* In addition to its 3 standard mode settings (+ OFF), Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS) for the V-STROM 800DE introduces G (Gravel) mode as a fourth setting, designed to help riders better negotiate gravel roads and flat trails.
* Suzuki’s ride-by-wire electronic throttle control system offers throttle action that responds faithfully to the rider’s every input.
* Suzuki’s legendary and precise Bi-directional Quick Shift System (with ON/OFF settings) provides quicker, smoother, more assured shifting, without operating the clutch while in motion.
* The ABS system features a choice of two mode settings for differing road conditions, as well as a Rear ABS OFF mode, helping offer more rider control over braking on gravel.
* The Suzuki Easy Start System starts the engine with one quick press of the starter button.
* Suzuki’s Low RPM Assist function helps maintain engine idle speed for smoother and easier starts.

V-STROM 800DE Chassis:
* Designed around the new, compact parallel twin engine and constructed with rugged steel pipe, the V-STROM 800DE’s backbone style frame is engineered to provide the strength needed for excellent straight-line stability and nimble handling when negotiating rugged trails or touring at highway speeds.
* The engine is precisely fit into the frame to create a rigid chassis that also provides the compliance required for a variety of riding adventures.
* The removable steel sub-frame has a narrow seat rail width that results in a slim seat profile that helps riders control the motorcycle with their legs.
* The frame and engine package helps create an off-road friendly chassis geometry with a long wheelbase and rake, tall ground clearance, and a wide handlebar grip.
* The engine’s short length permits an ergonomic design that places the rider’s hip point further forward than it would be on a V-twin powered motorcycle. This enables riders to shift their weight forward to enhance control over rough terrain and when negotiating tight corners.
* Matched to the V-STROM 800DE’s chassis geometry and long suspension is a new, uniquely shaped aluminum swingarm that enhances vertical, lateral, and torsional rigidity to aid straight-line stability and controlled cornering.
* Developed exclusively for the V-STROM 800DE, the front fork and single-shock rear suspensions’ spring rate, valve, and piston settings tuned to maximize performance and comfort when riding on all surfaces, on- or off-road.
* With a long 8.7-inch (220mm) front fork suspension stroke and 8.7-inch (220mm) of rear wheel travel, this chassis has the most suspension travel ever available on a V-Strom model.
* The long travel suspension and the compact chassis net 8.75-inches (220mm) of ground clearance, the most of any V-Strom model.
* The side stand and optional center stand are both designed to match the motorcycle’s tall ground clearance.
* The SHOWA-supplied inverted style fork has adjustable spring preload plus both compression and rebound damping force adjustment so the suspension may be fine-tuned to match the rider’s preference or the riding conditions.
* Also supplied by SHOWA, the shock absorber in the link-type rear suspension has a remote gas reservoir to stabilize operation on rigorous or long rides.
* The shock absorber has a remote hydraulic preload adjuster so the spring rate may be adjusted quickly by hand when adding a passenger or cargo.
* In addition to the spring preload adjuster, the shock absorber also features adjustable compression and rebound damping force that may be tuned to match the conditions or rider preference.
* The V-STROM 800DE rides on sturdy spoke-style wheels and is equipped with a 21-inch front wheel for greater stability and better control off pavement. The rear 17-inch wheel accepts larger tires for better grip and ride compliance. Both wheels feature aluminum rims laced with stainless steel spokes that better absorb shock from irregular road surfaces.
* The new 90/90-21 front and 150/70R17 rear Dunlop TRAILMAX MIXTOUR tires feature a new semi-block tread pattern with long, straight diagonal grooves to provide traction off-road while reducing sound on paved roads.
* The aggressive-looking tread features wider, deeper grooves exclusive to the V-STROM 800DE that help achieve an optimal balance between on-road handling and longevity, and nimble handling on unpaved trails.
* The wheels are tube-type to provide the tires ample support for aggressive riding on paved and unpaved surfaces.
* Suzuki selected brake components best suited to the V-STROM 800DE’s suspension and spoke-style wheels to provide controlled stopping power whether on the road or out on the trail.
* The front brakes use a pair of strong, but lightweight dual-piston NISSIN-supplied front brake calipers grasping 310mm floating-mount discs.
* The front calipers are axial mounted to provide ample clearance to the front wheel’s spokes while allowing for strong and light axle holders at the bottom of each fork leg.
* The rear brake combines a single-piston, slide-pin style NISSIN caliper with a 260mm disc, providing the rider with precise braking control and aiding low-speed maneuvering.
* Compact Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)** monitors wheel speed to match braking to available traction.
* The rider can select from two levels of ABS sensitivity and can elect to switch off the rear wheel’s ABS function for off-road use (see the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) section for more information).
* The V-STROM 800DE has a wide tapered handlebar cast in strong yet flexible aluminum that allows it to flex and absorb shock when riding on unpaved surfaces. In addition, the wider grip position helps provide enhanced control, particularly when standing on the foot pegs to negotiate rough terrain.
* In addition to the practical purpose of helping shield the rider’s hands from the elements as well as flying stones, the standard equipment hand guards signal the V-STROM 800DE’s adventure capability.
* Both the clutch and front brake levers have adjustment knobs so the rider may quickly set them to a comfortable reach. The shifter and rear brake pedal may also be adjusted to the rider’s preference.
* The mirrors’ design complements the V-STROM 800DE’s styling while proving an excellent view of objects behind the rider.
* Wide, steel footrests help the rider comfortably maneuver the V-STROM 800DE on diverse types of roads. Rubber inserts damp vibration but may be removed, providing the rider’s boots with even more grip on the pegs.
* Designed for performance and comfort, the one-piece seat is built upon a strong, but lightweight base that helps keep seat height reasonable. The seat bottom, dense foam, and slip-resistant cover stand up to rigorous use while still providing all-day touring comfort for the rider and passenger.
* The fuel tank has a generous 5.3-gallon (20L) capacity but is shaped to be thin at the rear to flow into the slim seat, which aids the rider in touching the ground at stops.
* The internal construction and cap of the fuel tank were engineered so the gasoline capacity is the same for both the 49-state and California versions.
* The modest windscreen is designed to maximize the rider’s visibility when riding on roads or trails. Developed through wind tunnel testing, the windscreen deflects wind blast and sounds away from the rider.
* The windscreen’s mount provides for 3-step height adjustment that may be set in 0.6-inch (15mm) increments (using a hex-type tool).
* The lightweight resin luggage rack incorporates easy-to-grasp grab bars and aligns with the passenger section of the seat, offering a larger surface for carrying cargo or luggage.
* The cargo section of the rack was designed to make the installation of a Suzuki Genuine Accessory top case simple and secure.
* A new, standard item is a mesh guard to protect the radiator from flying stones and other debris when riding on the trail.
* The V-STROM 800DE features a plastic undercover. This polyethylene skid plate provides engine and exhaust protection with minimal resistance when riding over rocks and rough terrain.

V-STROM 800DE / Adventure Styling:
* V-STROM 800DE styling aims to set a new Suzuki styling trend and usher in a new era of functional beauty symbolizing the future of Suzuki design while paying full respect to the distinctive style of its V-STROM heritage.
* The distinctive V-STROM “beak” is positioned higher to convey the extended suspension stroke and the model’s ability to handle off-road terrain like flat gravel roads and trails.
* The headlight, rear combination light, and distinctive V-Strom exhaust system accentuate the image of readiness to excel off-road.
* Dynamic body graphics and colors that create an iconic, distinctive V-STROM presence
* The V-STROM 800DE Adventure comes prepared for the paved and unpaved roads ahead with a set of black aluminum side cases, aluminum skid plate, and accessory bar.

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