Suzuki has announced its first technology for the upcoming season. It’s a new Smartphone app that will allow RM-Z riders to tune their EFI systems more easily. It will work with the current coupler system to permit riders to make  changes without even “linking up,” as well.
Here is Suzuki’s official information on the new feature:
Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. introduces the all-new MX-Tuner 2.0 performance tuning system for the Suzuki RM-Z450 and RM-Z250. This premium technology allows the rider to tune their RM-Z for different track or riding conditions, keep important maintenance logs, and monitor the engine functions of the RM-Z in real time using an easy-to-use downloadable application for a smartphone or tablet.
Key Features:
* Four pre-programmed performance maps are available including Aggressive, Smooth, Richer, and Leaner for different riding conditions.
* Build custom fuel or ignition maps easily on the app by adjusting individual cells or the entire grid. Approve the map and it immediately uploads to the Suzuki coupler on the RM-Z.
* Easily upload pre-programmed or custom performance maps into different Suzuki couplers (supplied with RM-Zs) for quick mapping changes at the track.
* Keeping maintenance records is a breeze. Select the service tab to see the hour meter reading, or add a maintenance log to record when a particular component has been serviced.
* Use the monitor section of the app to view the RM-Z engine functions in real time including RPM, throttle and gear position, which Suzuki coupler is installed, system voltage and more.
* Riders can share their best performance settings with RM Army teammates directly through the MX-Tuner 2.0 app.
“We’ve had a chance to use the MX-Tuner to set up our bikes for racing and it’s made a huge difference” said Larry Brooks, Team Manager of the Bar X racing team. “I really like the app based system and it’s very easy to use. We find the best maps for our riders, load them onto the Suzuki couplers, and then have several options for different track conditions when we get to the track.”
To learn more about the Suzuki MX-Tuner 2.0 system click here:
The Suzuki MX-Tuner 2.0 is available through Suzuki dealers nationwide or online at As part of a special limited time promotion the MX-Tuner 2.0 performance tuning system is now available free with the purchase of a new 2020 RM-Z450 or 2020-2019 RM-Z250* model.
The MX-Tuner 2.0 is compatible with the following models:
* 2020 RM-Z450 and RM-Z250
* 2019 RM-Z250
Necessary Hardware:
MX-Tuner 2.0 unit
Battery Wiring Harness
12-Volt Battery (Not Included)
*MX-Tuner 2.0 for off-road use only.

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