Suzuki gives away Strang’s bike to Rider Down bike raffle winner

Strang Bike Raffle Winner Revealed
by: Shan Moore

Joe Geyer and family pose with Josh Strang’s bike.Morgantown, W.Va. (June 29, 2010) – Nate Kanney wasn’t the only big winner at this year’s Snowshoe GNCC. After the race, American Suzuki and its FMF/Makita Suzuki factory off-road race team raffled off Josh Strang’s GNCC bike – a 2010 RM-Z450 stocked with the latest aftermarket goodies. And the winning name that Strang pulled out of the hopper? It was Joe Geyer, pictured above with his wife and daughter. Actually, the name on the winning ticket was that of Joe’s 10-month old daughter, Rhorie, but Joe took possession of the bike after Suzuki mechanic Chris Wolf washed and prepped the bike for Joe to take home.
‘I was totally surprised when they drew my ticket,’ said Geyer. ‘I bought nine tickets but I didn’t really think I would win it.’

Geyer said that Strang spent about an hour talking to him while he was loading up the bike to take home and he promised Strang he would win the Sportsman A class at the next GNCC round at Unadilla.

According to Suzuki off-road team manager Mike Webb, the raffle was to show that the bike that Josh has been riding all year, and has won four rounds on, is the same bike that anyone can buy at their local dealer.

‘This raffle was to basically let people know that Josh is riding a production motorcycle, and not some one-off factory bike,’ said Webb. ‘It’s the exact same bike that anyone can buy from a dealer and with all the parts that all our great sponsors kick in.’

Perhaps the biggest winner of the event, however, was the RiderDown Foundation, to which all the proceeds of the raffle were donated.

‘We couldn’t be more excited,’ said Bruce Vermeulen, President of RiderDown Foundation.  ‘ The support of guys like Josh who are out there campaigning the GNCC series means a lot to us and the injured riders we work with.  My hat’s off to Racer Productions and American Suzuki for making this happen.’

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