Gary Sutherlin overcame ‘cement arms’ to take the Taft WORCS opener

Riding a borrowed ‘Mag’ bike, Gary Sutherlin took a lightly modded KTM 450XCF to a big win at round one of the WORCS championship at Honolulu Raceway in Taft California. The man who made the biggest impact of the day was local hero Bobby Bonds, racing his first WORCS events in a couple of years following injuries. The Kawasaki pilot, looking a little beefier than the last time we saw him, plugged in behind Justin Jones (Bonanza KTM) and Gary Sutherlin (Mag KTM) for about a lap. Then the former Pro motocrosser, full time dad and local resident unplugged it and muscled his way into the lead. Battling through arm pump and the high speeds was current #1 Robby Bell, now clad all in MSR and SIDI boots. The race came down to the wire when Bonds rear foam insert let loose and he went from first to fourth on the final lap of the two hour event. Sutherlin won, Justin Jones took second and Bell third, Bondo fourth. The top three complained of no rear brakes, arm pump and speeds that were intense! To the outside enthusiast it was some of the best racing we’ve seen at WORCS in years!

More on other classes as results come in!!!

Bondo vert and Sutherlin aggro topping the 120 foot step up

Robby Bell now clad in MSR and SIDI, and the current #1 tallied a 3rd overall

Dirt Bike’s Justin Jones took the lead early and set a wicked pace. He ended up second!

Look closely and you can see the internals of Bondo’s Foam insert vomiting.

Check out Sutherlin’s rear brake, or lack or at the finish

WORCS Main man Sean Reddish was all smiles following the superb racing at round one.

Nice! Justin Jones hands following the 2-hour main

Evan Kelly, because we think he did good and he’s a buddy of DB!!

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