Gary Sutherlin’s Winning Streak Continues at Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu City, AZ – Gary Sutherlin once again came out on top at Round three of the  2014 Rocky Mountain MC World Off-Road Championship Series presented by Motoworks and Dirt Bike Magazine.  Bobby Bonds charged his way from the back of pack to secure the second spot on the podium, and Ricky Dietrich finished in third.


Round three of the WORCS Series had a record setting over 1,400 entries, and racers were treated to a beautiful weekend for racing with temperatures reaching into the low 90?Ÿ’’??.?Ÿ.?.?ª­??ª?Ÿ.?.?ª???.s, and a large crowd spectators were also on hand to watch the racing action from land and water with several dozen boats and hundreds of people watching the race from the shore of Lake Havasu during the spring break weekend filled with off-road racing.


RPM / KTM?Ÿ’’??.?Ÿ.?.?ª­??ª?Ÿ.?.?ª???.s Eric Yorba grabbed the holeshot, but he was quickly passed by fellow KTM mounted Ricky Dietrich, but his lead would also be short lived with Dietrich going down on the motocross track, which allowed Gary Sutherlin to take over the lead.


Once out front, Sutherlin quickly pulled away from the pack till the final hour of the race when Dietrich once again challenged Sutherlin for the lead and the pair swapped the lead back and forth before Sutherlin secured it for good and raced unchallenged in the final laps to secure his third straight win of the season as he remains undefeated in 2014.  


R&D Motorsports?Ÿ’’??.?Ÿ.?.?ª­??ª?Ÿ.?.?ª???. Bobby Bonds has lead more laps than any pro heading into round two, but he has yet to land on the podium due to late issues at both rounds, but at round three, he got his bad luck out of the way early on by starting dead last, which had him battling for every position, but in the end, it worked in his favor as he finished the race in the second spot on the podium.


Ricky Dietrich made a surprise appearance at round three, and he wasted no time charging his way into the lead in lap one, but he went down two times in lap one after leading briefly, which dropped him back to fourth, but Dietrich made another run late in the race, but he wasn?Ÿ’’??.?Ÿ.?.?ª­??ª?Ÿ.?.?ª???.t able to make a pass stick on Sutherlin, and finished out the day in the third spot right behind Bonds at the checkered flag.


KTM?Ÿ’’??.?Ÿ.?.?ª­??ª?Ÿ.?.?ª???.s Justin Jones charged his way into the second spot early on behind Sutherlin, but the heat and brutal track conditions appeared to take its toll on Jones has his laptimes dropped below the six minute mark and he dropped back to the fourth spot, which is where he stayed to the finish line.


Precision Concept?Ÿ’’??.?Ÿ.?.?ª­??ª?Ÿ.?.?ª???.s Robby Bell hasn?Ÿ’’??.?Ÿ.?.?ª­??ª?Ÿ.?.?ª???.t rode in weeks after suffering a leg injury during a ride at Glen Helen, so Havasu was the last race track he was looking forward to taking on for his first time racing since the accident, but despite his lack of training, Bell still was able to salvage a fifth place finish to keep him in the points battle for the WORCS Championship.


In the Pro 2 class, RPM / KTM?Ÿ’’??.?Ÿ.?.?ª­??ª?Ÿ.?.?ª???.s Travis Coy and John Burr Cycles?Ÿ’’??.?Ÿ.?.?ª­??ª?Ÿ.?.?ª???. Steve Gibson had an intense battle for the lead with the pair swapping the lead back and forth multiple times throughout the race, but in the end, Coy secured his first win of the season followed by Gibson in the second spot.


In the Pro 2 Lites class, Blayne Thompson got off to a rough start after smashing into a tree, which ripped a chunk of skin off his finger, but he wasn?Ÿ’’??.?Ÿ.?.?ª­??ª?Ÿ.?.?ª???.t about to let that stop his charge, and the next lap, he charged his way into the lead, which he held for the entire race to secure his second win of the season.


Round four of the WORCS Series heads to Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah on April 11-13th.

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