Much like San Diego seven days earlier, round three of EA Sports Supercross series in Anaheim did not disappoint the 45,000 fans who turned out to see the world’s best indoor stars battle it out. The third round turned out to be the second chapter in the McGrath vs. Carmichael saga, and the ’01 season is shaping up as one of the most exciting in recent history. It was the defending champ grabbing the hole shot in the main and the $1000 that comes with it, but number four, Team Chevy Trucks/Kawasaki rider Ricky Carmichael was on Showtime’s heals, and R.C. had greater things in mind than just grabbing the hole shot. It seemed as if Carmichael was just biding his time and looking for the right spot on the track to make a pass stick, and near the midway point of the 20-lap finale he did just that.

Unfortunately for the rest of the field, R.C. and McGrath made it a two horse race, and everyone else was competing for third. Crowd favorite Travis Pastrana demonstrated once again that he might not yet be ready for prime time when he withdrew as a result of dizziness, most likely due to his crash last week in San Diego.

Later on Jeremy would regain the advantage by making a pass of his own on Carmichael. Ricky showed once again however that he has been taking his strength and conditioning training seriously, and passed McGrath with about 3 laps to go. Carmichael actually initiated contact with McGrath mid-turn and showed that while he may have respect for the champ, he will not allow himself to be intimidated. The pass was short-lived though as King Jeremy rocketed passed the Green heir to the Supercross throne, and went on to take the checkers.

In the 125?s it was what all manufacturers hope will not be business as usual as Ernesto Fonseca outlasted teammate Justin Buckalew and KTM’s Grant Langston to take round three aboard the controversial YZ250F. Fonseca was actually in danger of not even making the main when he stalled out in his heat race and had to resort to the last chance qualifiers to reach the final. It was actually a great three-man race for a few laps until The Fonz was able to crush the challengers’ spirits.Yamaha of Troy owned the 125s as it finished 1-2, and got the hole shot and the $500 with Justin Buckalew.

250 Results
1. Jeremy McGrath (YAM)
2. Ricky Carmichael (KAW)
3. Kevin Windham (SUZ)
4. Mike LaRocco (HON)
5. Tim Ferry (YAM)
6. David Vuillemin (YAM)
7. Stephane Roncada (KAW)
8. Nathan Ramsey (YAM)
9. Nick Wey (YAM)
10. Sebastein Tortelli (HON)

250 Point Standings (After 3 Rounds)
1. Jeremy McGrath-70
2. Ricky Carmichael-67
3. Mike LaRocco-58
4. Ezra Lusk-49 & Kevin Windham-49
5. David Vuillemin-45
6. Nathan Ramsey-37
7. Nick Wey-35
8. Stephane Roncada-34
9. Tim Ferry-30

125 West Results
1. Ernesto Fonseca (YAM)
2. Justin Buckalew (YAM)
3. Grant Langston (KTM)
4. Jiri Dostal (HON)
5. Rodrig Thain (SUZ)
6. Keith Johnson (YAM)
7. David Pingree (KTM)
8. Shae Bentley (KAW)
9. Ivan Tedesco (HON)
10. Ryan Clark (YAM)

125 West Point Standings (After 3 Rounds)
1. Justin Buckalew-67
2. Ernesto Fonseca-58
3. Danny Smith-50 & Rodrig Thain-50
4. David Pingree-47
5. Shae Bentley-46
6. Jiri Dostal-44
7. Ivan Tedesco-39
8. Grant Langston-35
9. Tyler Evans-31


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