There’s a plan in action for the remainder of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season to  take place in May, according to insiders. We asked Mitch Payton at Pro Circuit what’s taking place, and he reported that he can’t discuss the details of the plan, but on the record, he said “I think it’s going to happen.”

The plan being discussed would have all seven rounds taking place in Glendale, Arizona, with or without fans in attendance. A target date of Friday May 15th has been proposed for the first event, followed by another event the following Monday. That pattern would repeat each week until all seven rounds have run. Most of the teams are on board simply because sponsorship is often contingent on the number of events that are run in a season. Teams like Monster Energy Pro Circuit have already incurred many of their expenses for the year, and without full revenue from sponsors, the whole program would be in distress. As of now, most of the factory Supercross tracks, which have fallen into disuse, are being prepped for action.

Privateers in California have been without a practice track for more than a month, but facilities in Florida have been up and running. Most of Pro Circuit’s riders will be available aside from Jordon Smith, who is out with an ACL. Austin Forkner is already prepping at Robbie Reynard’s tack in Oklahoma.

All of this has yet to be confirmed from Feld, and is still very tentative. If the state of Arizona suffers a setback in Coronavirus statistics, it could well derail the whole plan. As of now, Arizona and Florida have relaxed many restrictions. An official announcement is expected by the end of the week.

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