If this doesn’t inspire you NOTHING WILL! We are lucky at the magazine to call Destry Abbott a friend and some of us on staff (Mark Tilley) have even been on the receiving end of his last turn riding techniques. Here is a teaser from  Red Tide Pictures that was produced by Media 66 INC. about “Strong, The Destry Abbott Story”. Stay tuned for more information about a release date for the full length film.

“In the world of off-road motorcycle racing, Destry Abbott is one of the most iconic riders in the history of the sport — wins, losses, championships, injuries, and failures, the veteran has seen it all. This is a story of personal triumph, a journey of battling with Leukemia and how passion for the sport of off-road motorcycle racing and love for family, relinquishes the desire of life’s fulfillment both on and off the track.”


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