PRODUCT: The Trigger is a patented, push-button, control-flow, self-venting nozzle for use with utility jugs.

POSITIVE: Stroker Industries’ Trigger has a straight-forward, easy-to-use design and is made with heavy-duty plastic for a thick, clear hose that screws right onto just about any utility jug on the market. It has taken tons of abuse without breaking, and even seems to be unaffected by gas fumes, showing no signs of discoloration or leakage. Fluid is transferred pretty fast through the Trigger when it’s fully open.

NEGATIVE: At certain angles the Trigger can be tough to activate, and you have to remember once you release the trigger, there is still gas trapped in the hose. We spilled a few times before we remembered. The screw-on cap is not attached in any way, so losing it can happen very easily.

BOTTOM LINE: The Trigger from Stroker Industries is a great product and does everything it claims to do. It’s made with quality materials that last and is very simple to use. Besides losing the screw-on cap, we had no issues and were actually really surprised how fast fluid flowed through the system when completely open. It’s kind of the poor man’s fast refill system. Make sure that the vent cap is cracked open during storage or the utility jug with expand and contract with outside temperatures or elevation changes.

PRICE: $26.99


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