Three important Wilderness bills are awaiting action in Congress. You need to act NOW to show the members of the House Resources Committee that the recreating public does not support these bills.

* Northern California Coastal Wild Heritage Wilderness Act – Sponsored by Rep. Mike Thompson (H.R. 233)

*’Wild Sky’ Wilderness Bill – Sponsored by Rep. Rep. Rick Larsen (H.R. 851)

*’Boulder White Clouds’ Wilderness Bill (a.k.a ‘Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act’ (CIEDRA) – Sponsored by Rep. Mike Simpson (H.R. 2514)


Each of these bills is likely to see action in Congress in the coming months. Recently, Resource Committee staff and Chairman Richard Pombo visited areas some of the areas proposed for Wilderness in these bills.

hile in our area, key committee staff met with representatives of BRC and indicated the sponsors of all three bills appear unwilling to amend the legislation to address concerns of recreationists at this time.

Now is the time to let members of the House Resource Committee know how many recreationists oppose these bills.


We have developed a ‘3-Step Action Plan’ in order to maximize your time and effort in this important issue. If that’s all you need to know, scroll down to ‘BRC’s 3-Step Action Plan’ below and follow the simple directions.


I want to stress how important it is to act NOW. There are three primary reasons why:

1.   Despite our best efforts, legislation whose primary effect is to reduce access continues to be introduced in Congress. Each of these Wilderness bills has one thing in common: there is no need. No eminent threat exists to these lands. Unless recreationists, both motorized and non-motorized, speak up now — this sad situation will continue.

2.   The opportunity is golden! To Chairman Pombo’s great credit, members of his Committee aren’t making these decisions from behind some desk in Washington D.C. Chairman Pombo, as well as key Committee staff members recently visited the lands at issue. They talked to both supporters and those in opposition. The issues are fresh in their minds and I doubt we’ll ever have a better chance to show just how unpopular these bills are.

3. Local input has been exhausted. We have never seen a more concerted effort to attempt to negotiate and reach some middle ground. Sadly, all efforts to compromise utterly failed.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Recreationists worked every angle, used every tool, and pulled every string to try to wrangle some sort of compromise here. The sad fact is that the ‘professional environmental lobby’ in Washington D.C. is trumping all common sense and reason.

The only way to counter this is if recreationists take action today. A priceless treasure is at risk, and if we allow them to take our prized public lands now, I fear that none will be safe in the future.

As I motioned above, BRC is very appreciative of our members’ time and
efforts. We don’t issue these kinds of alerts often, and will not issue them unless we believe our members have a chance to influence the issue.

Please take a minute to act on this alert. Even if you live far away from these lands, understand that these are public lands and all American’s have a say in how they are to be managed. Also know that now is the critical time for you to really make a difference. Your action on this alert may end up being like the first drops of rain in a mighty flood.


Step 1: Email the House Resources Committee No excuses here! We’ve made it super simple with our Rapid Response Center. Simply click the link below and follow the directions. Be sure to email this to your friends and family so they can help!’ style=’color: yellow;’>Simply Click Here Enter your zip code and dial the numbers.

Important tips:

Tell the staff member your name and that you are a voting constituent.

Tell the staff member that you oppose H.R. 233 the ‘Northern California Wilderness bill,’ H.R. 851, the ‘Wild Sky Wilderness bill’ and H.R. 2514 the ‘Boulder White Clouds Wilderness bill.’ Be sure to urge your representative to oppose these bills.

Tell the staff member that you view and enjoy public lands with vehicles and/or mountain bikes and you do not support any legislation that eliminates your access to America’s public lands!

Mention your membership and support of The BlueRibbon Coalition. Remember: Be polite and keep your message clear and concise. Clarity and reason are more persuasive than excessive emotionalism.

Step 3: Forward this alert to your friends and family!

Be sure to mention that BRC doesn’t issue these kinds of alerts in the ‘willy nilly’ fashion, and if they take a few short minutes it really could make a difference.


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