Stewart and Dungey Take Indy

Stewart and Dungey Take Indy

Race Notes:

Stewart had to work his way up from a last place start to pass Reed for the lead & his ninth win of the season. In recognizing the effort he put out to still win, Stewart had some good advice to pass on. ‘This is a lesson for all the kids, don’t ever give up!’
After holeshoting the race and still getting second, Reed can stop being ‘disappointed’ with not winning. In fact, the Aussie should just concede once and for all that as long as Stewart is on the track, he is a second place rider.
After two miserable weeks of results (that saw him fail to get any points), Ryan Dungey rebounded nicely to prove his series opener win was not a fluke.
Everybody was happy to see the return of Honda?s Andrew Short who finally rebounded from injury to take a top ten finish.
Indy also marked the first good ride back for Yamaha?s Grant Langston.
CBS coverage of the race begins at 12:00 (est) today.

450 Class

1. James Stewart?Monster Kawasaki
2. Chad Reed?San Manuel Indian/Yamaha
3. Tim Ferry?Monster/Kawasaki
4. Grant Langston?Yamaha
5. Ivan Tedesco?Makita Suzuki
6. Davi Milsaps?.Honda
7. David Vuillemin?Xyience/MDK Honda
8. Andrew Short?Honda
9. Michael Byrne…Rockstar/WBR/Suzuki
10. Josh Summey?MotoXXX/Honda

Series Overall

1. James Stewart/285
2. Chad Reed/253
3. Tim Ferry/203
4. Kevin Windham/167
5. Ricky Carmichael
6. Ivan Tedesco/152
7. Michael Byrne/144
8. David Vuillemin
9. Heath Voss/134
10. Paul Carpenter/100

250 Results

1. Ryan Dungey?Makita Suzuki
2. Ben Townley?Monster/Pro Circuit Kawasaki
3. Branden Jessemen?Motoworld Yamaha
4. Ryan Morais/Boost Mobile?Yamaha of Troy Yamaha
5. Justin Brayton?Motoworld Yamaha
6. Mike Alessi?Red Bull KTM
7. Matt Goerke?Boost Mobile/Yamaha of Troy Yamaha
8. Tommy Hahn?Honda
9. Darcy Lange..Monster/Pro Circuit Kawasaki
10. Broc Tickle?Lucas Oil/Yamaha

Series Overall

1. Ryan Morais/96
2. Ben Townley/86
3. Darcy Lange/84
4. Branden Jessemen/74
5. Mike Alessi/71
5. Matt Goerke/68
7. Justin Brayton/68
8. Billy Laninovich/59
9. Ryan Dungey/53
10. Tommy Hahn/48


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