PRODUCT: The KTM 300XC-W Steahly flywheel 13-ounce weight is designed to reduce and provide a smoother power delivery. Steahly builds the flywheel weight to have the largest diameter possible, as this has more effect than a smaller-diameter unit. The weight itself is a press-fit onto the stock flywheel (once it’s removed) and then is epoxy glued in place. You’ll need a flywheel puller, and Steahly offers them for sale. For the KTM 250/300 (2017–2022) two-strokes, they offer them in a 7-, 10- and 13-ounce increments. Their rule of thumb is the more aggressive the rider, the less flywheel weight you need.

Getting the rotor ready to epoxy the flywheel weight on.
Gently tapping the Steahly weight onto the stock flywheel.
Rotor with weight installed. Ready to reinstall.
Mounted up and ready to go.


OUR TAKE: We had one of our “average” trail rider friends who purchased a 2021 KTM 300XC-W TPI machine test the unit. He was struggling with controlling the power, feeling the hit was aggressive for his skill set, and because of this, he always rode the machine in the soft map. We went with the largest (13-ounce) flywheel weight, and he had Pit Pro in Valencia, California, install the weight and bolt it onto his machine. Again, he’s new to the sport and felt this was a bit over his head.

He felt immediate gratification, with the biggest change coming in a smoothness to the throttle response. Also, he switched to the more aggressive mapping, and with the additional flywheel weight he could manage the power and his ride improved. He could go on longer rides, expelled less energy and it no longer felt like it was trying to yank his arms off.

We have another friend, a long time off-roader who installed a 7-ounce weight onto his 2020 KTM 300 XC-W TPI machine. He felt that it hooks up better on hard pack, did not lose any acceleration, and now lugs down insanely low and lets him conquer sections that he used to ride in first gear, which can now be tackled and cleared using second gear.

The Steahly flywheel weight enhances the already substantial KTM 300 TPI rideability in technical terrain, and via the different weights, it can fit into a versatile rider assortment. It gets a big thumbs up!
PRICE: $159.95

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