Just enough room to tote the necessities and a comfortable fit are essential elements for a proper race pack
Just enough room to tote the necessities and a comfortable fit are essential elements for a proper race pack

Hydration is key while exerting yourself on your motorcycle. Water is itself a performance enhancer. Heat exhaustion, chronic fatigue and cramping can all be minimized by just drinking water. With summer here, we want to make sure you are staying hydrated out there. We have been testing the best hydration packs on the market for you, whether you’re looking for the best racing style or just a lightweight pack for trail riding. With that in mind, we stuck with the basics—70 ounces (a little over 2 liters) of water was our benchmark. We looked for limited storage to minimize weight. We just wanted to be able to carry water, a phone and a few protein bars. We also prioritized fit, feel, ease of filling and adjustability. Here is a list of our favorites.

This magnetic hose clip is a handy product that we recently tested at the Last Dog Standing event. It is a strong magnet that keeps your water hose from flopping around while riding or racing. It would find the magnetic spot 8 out of 10 times when we dropped the hose from our mouth after a drink. Once the hose was in place, it never came off. Check out Two Ride’s website for more details.
Price: $22 

The Fox Low Pro is Fox’s go-to pack when all you need are the essentials. This bag is designed for shorter outings. Fox’s minimalistic hydration pack, the Low Pro, is sleek and light and features a 1.5-liter reservoir and zipper pocket for bringing the bare necessities. It has a 45-degree-angle, high-flow bite surge valve with a twist shut-off and a breathable mesh back panel allows air to circulate and ventilate.


  • Has a nice feel, very soft material and easy to move in
  • Mesh straps flow air and are good in the heat
  • Priced very nicely


  • Chest strap is basic, does not allow for a positive fit.
  • System floats around under serious riding when filled

Price: $54.95

The Klim Quench Pak was built to keep you hydrated without weighing you down. Equally at home on the race circuit or a mountain singletrack, it will carry your water without restricting your range of motion. It’s a low-profile hydration backpack equipped with a 1.5-/2-liter Klim Hydrapak reservoir with shape-shift baffle. Features include an emergency whistle, a bite-valve retention clip and it can connect to the Scrable Pak for a modular upgrade.


  • Excellent sizing, both fluid capacity and the actual pack itself
  • Fits a wide range of rider builds
  • The hose flows very well
  • Excellent zippers, and the strap system is very easy to adjust


  • No outside pocket for phone or energy bars
  • The chest strap tends to move up and can be uncomfortable. Over-tighten the straps and it feels like your breathing is restricted

Price: $79.99


This pack offers slim, ultra-light off-road hydration with a hands-free system. The Leatt GPX Race HF 2.0 has a durable, lightweight outer shell and offers a total capacity of 3 liters: a 2-liter bladder and a 1-liter storage unit. The GPX Race HF 2.0 offers a solid fit that stays put when riding, with a unique height-adjustable harness. A key feature is the hands-free hydration system that offers dual hydration and a two-way routing both over the shoulder and under the arm. Your back is vented via an AirLine mesh, and liquids will also remain cool with a heat reflective inner back panel.


  • Excellent hands-free system
  • Comes with two nipples and a removable hose
  • Excellent adjustability in the straps
  • Very good price point for what you get


  • A bit tight around the chest for larger pilots
  • Pulling on the hose connector stops fluid flow

Price: $79

A super-slim hydration pack, the Moose Expedition is light, has an outside pocket, features good adjustability for all-sized pilots and has back padding with ventilation ducts. It totes 2 liters of fluid and is made from strong 600D material. The low-profile design fits well over or under your riding armor and the fully adjustable padded shoulder straps and chest strap make the pack ergonomically balanced.


  • Excellent price point
  • Small and well-adorned for racing
  • Equipped with a tube insulator that keeps the first sip of water from being too hot


  • Slightly rough on the neck where the shoulder straps rest
  • Tends to float around on your back

Price: $56.95

Thor’s Vapor pack is lightweight, compact and features a two-pocket design where you can carry your phone and snacks, plus has a fleece-lined glasses pocket. It totes 1.5 liters (over a quart and a half) of fluid. A thermal liner keeps the liquids cool, and there’s a magnetic bite valve holder that keeps it in place and easily findable. Features include a magnetic bite valve holder and a thermal-lined bladder compartment helps keep fluids cool. There’s an external zippered pocket, plus the micro-fleece-lined glasses/media pocket.


  • Magnetic bite-valve holder
  • Neoprene hydration tube sleeve helps keep fluid cool
  • Internal-lined pocket for glasses
  • Pocket sizing is excellent for basics
  • Good price point


  • The belt strap is not very comfortable
  • The magnet on the bite holder only made it a week before it vacated the premises
  • Holds 1.5 liters (50 ounces), which is a shade on the lean side for a hot, tough ride

Price: $64.95

The USWE Ranger 3 is a go-to hydropack for one to three hours of racing with a slim-profile fit. Carry your essentials in the removable tool pocket while training, then just pop it off to drop the weight for racing. It’s smart and it’s quick! This system is used by many of the top extreme/off-road racers, including Cody Webb, Jonny Walker and Taylor Robert. It has a  3-liter cargo capacity and uses a 2-liter Elite hydration system. Other features include a water-resistant smartphone pocket.


  • The stretch strap system is easily adjustable and comfortable
  • It rests high on your back, making for good balance
  • The removable pouch is very handy


  • Might be a shade small for a big guy. Our 6-foot-1 tester had the straps set as large as they go, and it felt kind of bra-like. Big boys will need a wider range of adjustment
  • Pricey

Price: $110


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