PRODUCT: SRT’s Pro-Armor disc guard is a one-piece forged and machined rear disc guard that is made of 60661 T6 aluminum. Because it’s forged out of a single piece of aluminum, SRT says that the strength is maximized, the fit excellent and the installation is pedestrian. It protects the dangling rear brake rotor and replaces the OEM caliper carrier. All the standard hardware is used, and it comes in silver, black, orange and blue.

OUR TAKE: There’s not a whole bundle of magic here, as the machined piece replaces the stock carrier. You remove the caliper pins (from the stock unit) and reinstall them on the SRT unit. Fit on the brake caliper, reinstall the rear wheel and hit the trail. This unit is very strong and light, providing steadfast protection from rock hits, rutted cobby trails, and about anything the off-road uglies can hurl at it. If there’s one downside, it’s that the shark fin itself is not replaceable, so when it’s dinged up and thrashed, which will happen, you cannot just replace the lower unit. On the good side is the price. It’s very competitive at just over the 100-dollar mark.
Price: $102.99


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