Someone broke into my stuff and stole parts!!!

I just want to ask for everyone to keep an eye out for someone selling or recently purchasing some of these items! I was broken into on Friday Jan 6 at about 4 am. They broke into my van and storage shed! I heard the dogs barking early in the morning and didn’t think much of it! Luckily I think the dogs scared them off before they took everything!
Here’s some of the things that I know were stolen:
Showa works suspension (forks and shock) Fits Kawasaki.
Four complete excel wheels (new tires, sprockets, discs) with blk rims and silver hubs.
Two or three sets of stock Kawasaki wheels (complete with tires and everything).
A lot of new Dunlop tires.
A long plastic storage bin full of my gear (Sidi boots, CTI knee braces, and a few sets of my gear)!
I know it’s someone that rides because they knew what the good stuff was. They also didn’t touch some of the stuff that a normal person would’ve stolen!
I’ll give someone a reward if they find any of these items! I’ve always had trust in people but this one has really shaken my faith!
Destry Abbott
[email protected]

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