By John Bumgarner

Ty Cullins and his Beta defying gravity

Southern California Trials Association (SCTA) kicked off their 2013/2014 Moto Trial season Sept 1st with the Big Feets club hosting the opener in the Piute Mountains, near Lake Isabella, CA. The high mountain location provided plenty of shade in the pines and temps a good 20 degrees cooler than the valleys and deserts of So Cal. Thirty six riders took to the ten section, three loop course with skill levels ranging from Novice to Expert. The first event of the year was designed to be both fun and challenging to give everyone a chance to get back into their moto trials mode. This years event was won by former Junior National Champion Ty Cullins on a 125cc Beta that he picked up the day before the event.
   None of the Nationally ranked Pros made it to this years event because the Trials Des Nations is happening seven days later, Sept 8, in La Chatre, France.The United States will be represented by five-time US Moto Trial Champ Pat Smage along with Bryan Roper, Karl Davis Jr and Eric Storz.
   If you haven’t experienced riding a trials bike it will be a real test of your riding prowess. For those of us who are used to going fast on the track or in the woods a trials bike is a strange new animal. If someone tried to convince us that riding one mph over a rock would be tough we’d tell them to stop smoken the smelly weed. That first ride on a trials bike is a humbling experience. Do it once and you’ll be hooked.
For those of you in the Southern California area check out SCTA for events and locations;
For the scoop on the Pro scene check out;
Sean Merritt and his 80cc GasGas showing the full size bikes how it’s done

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