PRODUCT: The Bare-Bones MX stand from Slasher Products features steel construction with a reinforced top and powdercoated finish for durability. The rubber-mounted top pad also has a cutout for easy oil changes. Available in blue, red, white, KTM orange, green, black and yellow powdercoated finishes.

POSITIVES: The Slasher’s Bare-Bones motorcycle stand has stood up to almost a year of DB staffer abuse and came out smelling like a rose. With a steel construction and powdercoated finish, it stands up to the elements and works great for washing bikes. No one can argue with the price tag or the features it offers. We really like the fact that a Slasher square utility jug fits perfectly inside when flipped upside down, so it saves space and transports easily. We prefer it in black, but it’s nice to have a variety of color options available.

NEGATIVES: Although it’s a minimalistic design, the Slasher Bare-Bones stand is a tad heavy. The rivets that hold on the top rubber pad where the bike sits are not recessed, so they tend to scratch the powdercoated frames and skid plates.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a no-frills, straightforward steel motorcycle stand that looks good and stands up to abuse that would have most models on their way to the scrapyard. While it’s a bit on the heavy side compared to higher-priced aluminum versions, we are okay with that. Getting a stand for under $30 to hold up our scoots leaves money in our pocket for other parts we may want or need. Overall, we are big fans of this product.

PRICE: $29.95      CONTACT: or your local dealer.

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