PRODUCT: The Slacker digital sag scale simplifies the process of setting your bike’s rear shock sag. Rather than using an inaccurate mechanical sag scale or tape measure, having to recruit a friend, or worrying if the measurements were taken correctly, the Slacker sag tool attaches to the rear axle via a universal magnetic mount, and through a pullout reel that attaches to the rear fender you are instantly provided with digital readings on its LCD display and the remote display. You can set your sag accurately and single-handedly too.
POSITIVE: The Slacker scale works on both front and rear axles and works well for setting up both air forks and SFF forks. When setting the rear sag, you attach the unit to the axle, pull out the cord and attach it to the clip-mounted upper mount, then check the readout. It will tell you your exact numbers. It comes with a bar-mounted remote display that is optimum for self-sag setting.
NEGATIVE: For a 140 bucks, you can easily tighten your budget by inviting a buddy over to help with your readings using a tape measure. And, considering the fact that most people may check their sag once a month, it’s a pretty pricey tool when you break down the cost-per-use dynamic.
BOTTOM LINE: We like the Slacker sag scale. We’re constantly checking sag on test bikes. And since we have a wide range of rider sizes, this tool has become a mainstay in the great, yet heavily grunged, Dirt Bike toolbox. It gets a thumbs up!

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