Skyler Howes put his Husqvarna Rally bike on top of day one of the Sonora Rally with some formidable competition close behind. Two minutes back was former Baja 1000 winner Colton Udall, and another 7 minutes back was 2020 Dakar winner Ricky Brabec.

Skyler Howes topped day one. Photo: Justin Coffey

“Amazing day riding in the mountains of Mexico. Different scenery that the Sonora Rally is used to but it was awesome. I took the day really slow and easy and ended up lucking out with no penalties and that gave me the stage win. Gonna be a fast stage 2 headed to Caborca so I’m ready to stretch the ol girls legs!” –Skyler Howes

Ricky Brabec. Photo by Westx1000.

“Stage One of the Sonora Rally was a very good day – very fun… with twisty winding roads into the mountains, plus, a few water crossings. Super fun day. The roadbook was awesome! Unfortunately, I had made a few mistakes, received speeding penalties and had trouble at one gate for five to seven minutes, but all is good. There are still four days of racing and tomorrow I start in back. So, for me, Stage Two, I can work a little bit harder to push. Really looking forward to the next few days as the roadbooks are only going to get better.” – Ricky Brabec

Colton Udall. Photo by Westx1000.

The top positions in bikes seemed to be secured all the way to the finish, trickling into the bivouac without signs of wear and tear. When asked, all men listed a few, albeit minor, issues: trouble at a gate, speed zone penalties, losing a rear brake. Wes VanNieuwenhuise #5 and his 790 “Rottweiler” won the ADV Class, and despite losing some bolts on his rally tower in KM40, he made great time overall. The Iron Lady and South African favorite Taye Perry #28 had a marvelous battle across the rankings, landing 12th Place from her start mid-pack. Another newcomer to the event, Matthew Ransom, pushed through the crowd from 35th and in the 11th seat on Day Two, he’s on the right track to reaching his goal. Mexican national, Juan Pablo Guillen #23, isn’t a rider to be left out. Going strong until the final water-crossing, Guillen submerged himself and his machine to conquer this last obstacle to nab 4th in the Stage.

1 Skyler Howes 2:20.33
2 Colton Udall 2:24.19
3 Ricky Brabec 2:29.10
4 Juan Guillen 2:37.20
5 Mike Johnson 2:37.45


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