The auto and housing industries should take a lesson from the off-road racing world. There’s no recession here. The HYR Six Hours of Glen Helen went off Sunday with a record number of teams. There were around 180 entries, each of which represents several riders. It was the best turnout in the long history of the race.

      The course itself was unique. It was designed by the staff of Dirt Bike magazine and featured the only 1440-degree right-hand turn in the world. A giant spiral started at the bottom of the famed “Mt Saint Helens” downhill and made four complete revolutions, getting tighter with each turn. In the center of the spiral, riders climbed onto a bridge that sent them over the spiral and on to the next obstacle. The turn, named “Screwy Louie” was just one part of a 8.6-mile course that had motocross, single-track and an EnduroCross section.

      The first lap of the race saw a massive bottleneck in the 1440-degree turn, but it was cleared up before the leader, Robby Bell, came around for the second lap. Bell and teammate Ryan Abbatoye had challenges throughout the day from the Valli Honda team of Bobby Garrison, Kyle Summers and Dennis Stapleton. Eventually, the Valli team broke down, leaving second place in the hands of the John Burr team of Gordon Ward and Jeff Loop. The 250 Expert class was won by Dirt Bike’s 144cc KTM in the hands of Justin Imhof. But the comeback award goes to Brad Goolsby, who won the Ironman class after crashing horribily in the EnduroCross section on the first lap. For full results, go to



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