PRODUCT: Sidi calls the new X-Power boots their most comfortable boot out of the box. Sidi’s X-Power boots are the successors to the X-3 boots that debuted in 2015. Made with the same laminated Technomicro and TA sole as the Crossfire 3, it also features the same cam-lock buckles, and Cambrelle inner lining and insole as the higher-end boots. The flex system is positioned on the ankle area providing free movement and is controlled and limited through a mechanism placed inside the hinge. The back flexion is also limited with plastic protection panel shapes designed to enhance safety. The tongue area, as well as the rear Achilles area, is made of thermoformed, padded microfiber to further enhance boot fit and comfort. It’s a non-bootie design, uses a Nylon insole (no steel shank) and has a removable arch support. The toe area covered in protective plastic and the four-buckle system is adjustable and features integrated guards for protection.

Incredibly, this $469 boot is at the lower price range for the Italian boot manufacturer. The X-Power targets the off-roader, dual-sporter and ADV rider. Why? It’s a very light boot and incredibly comfortable, making two of our favorite moto/off-road boots—the Crossfire and Atojo—feel bulky and meaty in comparison.

For our testing we threw on a pair (the sizing mirroring our shoe size), found the interior comfortable and even roomy for the normal thin feel to the Sidi MX boots. They require zero break-in and have great feel despite only having a single-hinge system (the Crossfire and Atojo use a dual hinge). Credit goes to the mating of a hinged ankle and the Sidi’s new generation material called “Technomicro.” Technomicro is a composite microfiber material created from super-fine strands, and is super light and more flexible than leather, which gives it this feel right out of the crate.

As an off-road boot, the X-Power is flat incredible, being light with immediate comfort and excellent feel. The nylon shank did not bother us on long slammers in the whoops or six-hour days in the saddle, and the TA sole is incredibly durable. It’s thin through the calf, is easily adjustable, and has good grip at the contact points. The X-Power gets an A+ as an off-road/dual-sport/adventure boot but, frankly, would be near the top of the food chain as a moto boot.
PRICE: $469.99

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