PRODUCT: In the world of boots, there are two options—high end ($550+) and low end ($150–$300) . Both offer protection, but the lower end naturally has less comfort and protection features. Until now, Sidi had only offered a high-end boot in their Crossfire line.

The X-3 features a dual-hinge ankle support, replaceable micro-adjustable cam-lock buckle system, non-bootie inner design with a heavy-duty nylon shank, replaceable TA sole and is Sidi’s answer to bridging the gap currently in the boot marketplace.


POSITIVES: First thing we noticed is how light the boot is—almost a full pound lighter than Sidi’s Crossfire 3 and close to 2 pounds lighter than Alpinestars’ Tech 10. The X-3 has the same cam-lock buckle system as Sidi’s top-of-the-line model and is made out metal, so they are extremely durable, and in the event they get damaged they can be replaced in seconds with a Phillips-head screwdriver. The dual-ankle hinge system works great to help the boot bend and flex without bunching up or binding, as well as provide ankle protection without a bulky design. Sidi’s X-3 toe box is slightly wider and taller than the Crossfire, allowing the option of wearing thicker socks or just letting your dogs breathe a little bit. The soles have a long wear life without sacrificing traction.

NEGATIVES: We don’t have much to complain about with Sidi’s new X-3 that wouldn’t be covered under regular boot maintenance. An all-white color option would be nice. Break-in time on the X-3 was longer than we are used to with Sidi motocross boots, but still substantially less than other brands.

pe_sidi4BOTTOM LINE: The X-3 is a perfect compromise if you want a really good-quality boot but don’t have much dough to spend. The boots tested here had thousands of dual-sport, trail-riding and adventure bike miles put on them without any failures. We did learn if you keep the buckles lubed up with silicone cleaner or a penetrating lube, especially after coming in contact with water, they work way better. Even though these aren’t the sole replacement models, Sidi does offer replacement soles for this boot. That’s great, because although these soles are all used up, the boot itself is not, so companies like Pro-Boot or MX Boot Repair can give them a new lease on life.

PRICE: $375


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