PRODUCT: The Sidi Trial Zero boot is a high-end foot garment that caters to the elite world of trials. We’d love to use it in this context, but unfortunately we don’t have any Betas, Gas Gas’, Ossas or Shercos inhabiting our garages. We did take out the Zero and hammer it on our off-road five-and-half-hour enduro loop when one of our esteemed (and yes, leaning toward ancient) editors demanded a super-light off-road boot since his knees were killing him. He felt that the additional weight of a present-day motocross boot played a role in his knee pain.
The Sidi Zero Trial boot is a full-grain leather (i.e., good stuff!), has a nylon insole (no steel shank), removable arch support, and replaceable adjustable cam-lock buckles with an anatomically shaped heel for maximum protection. It’s easy to put on, there is virtually no break-in time, the fit and feel are phenomenal, and they are seriously light compared to the Sidi Crossfire, which is considered one of the lightest MX boots on the market.
BOTTOM LINE: Our fatherly editor praised several key areas after testing the boots for several months in an off-road arena. First, he loved the fit, feel and ease of break-in. They offered great touch, both at the machine and through the shifter and brake pedal. Also, they are seriously strong through the arch, which is critical! He had tried a normal adventure boot, since they are lighter than an MX boot, and he felt the footpeg through the sole, almost like he was riding in tennis shoes. There are several areas that don’t cater to off-road—the sticky sole, the lack of a toe-shift guard and a metal toecap. We only had slight issues with the sticky, lugged sole when we had our foot down and sliding. It tends to hook and kick up. Fortunately, serious trail work has us spending as much time as possible keeping our feet up and on the pegs!
And, the Sidi Trail Zero took abuse well, even at the soft, rubber, lugged sole. Getting off and walking is a boon with the Zero, but the ability to use your legs late in the day, lifting, pushing off and fighting for control, are all done easier with the lighter footwear. The Sidi Trial Zero comes in either white or black and sells for $350. o

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