PRODUCT: Sidi makes some of the most revolutionary and widely used boots in the world. Their fully replaceable soles with the SRS system and cam-lock boot buckles, along with the dual hinged design, make them super comfortable, requiring virtually no break-in and all wrapped up in a fairly weight-conscious and super-durable boot. The Crossfire 3 TA model was released in 2018 and includes all of the features of the 3 SRS with the addition of a sewn-on, more pliable and grippy sole. This is an excellent and slightly cheaper option for riders who prefer more traction from a boot for times when you’re off the machine as well as on it.

Our take: We think that the TA sewn-on sole is a better option for a rider who enjoys more technical terrain. Our reasoning is simple—during precise enduro-type riding, we’ve had occasions where our foot slips off the peg when we’re wearing the SRS (bolt-on) sole. This happens when we’re dancing for foot traction and the SRS plastic toe just won’t grab traction on the peg. We feel an increase in traction in rocks with the TA sole, especially while riding in wet and slimy river beds. It’s a cheaper option at $50 less than the SRS Crossfire 3, and you still get all the same boot up top. Every staffer loves the buckles, and the Crossfire 3 TA fits better on a slightly wider foot. There have been times in long events where we’ll get blisters on our toe tops when racing with the SRS sole, and this never happens with the TA.

Negatives: Fit with a sewn-on sole means that it needs to go to a competent shoemaker when they wear out. One of our guys has an issue with the metal toe plate, as it, too, won’t grab for traction on a steal footpeg and slips when pushing off in rocks. Last, in spite of the great fit and feel, this boot is flat pricey.
Bottom line: The Sidi Crossfire 3 TA is in the upper stratosphere of off-road boot technology, proper weight, immediate feel and no break-in. In our enduro world, it rates at the top of the food chain.

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