PRODUCT: The Canyon Gore-Tex Boot is Sidi’s answer to the do-it-all adventure/street boot. This boot isn’t targeting the hard-core off-road/dual-sport rider, that’s what the Adventure Gore-Tex is for. The Adventure’s $500 price tag eclipses the Canyon’s by $150. The Canyon Gore-Tex features top-grain leather construction with suede uppers and suede on top of the toe box. As the name implies, the boot is lined with Gore-Tex, which is both waterproof and breathable. Getting in and out of the boot is easy with the Velcro closure that goes from the ankle to the top of the boot, and there is a full-length gator to prevent water from entering around the Velcro. The area just below the ankle has a micro-adjustable strap to ensure a perfect fit for various foot sizes. There is also internal heel and ankle protection, plus a full-length shin guard. The rubber sole has a non-slip lug design that provides plenty of support for standing on the pegs. Reflective piping has been added to the rear of the boot for a little extra visibility on those night rides. The top of the boot can be pulled tight enough to allow jeans to fit over the boots or left loose enough to fit leathers or riding pants inside.
POSITIVE: To start with, this boot actually fits like it’s supposed to. Of all the Sidi boots we’ve worn, the Canyon seems to run truest to size, with more room in the front of the boot. They are typical Euro boots in that they run small, but the Canyons are roomier than most. One tester has an EEE foot and rides with orthotic inserts. Even he was able to get away with only going one size larger than his street shoes. These boots may not have all the bells and whistles that the SIDI Adventures have, but they are just as comfortable. They break in almost instantly and are even easier to put on and take off. On one of our Adventure photo shoots, the editor (Mr. Webb) decided he needed some “snow shots,” so off to the mountains we went. The temperature started out at a balmy 40 degrees and dropped to 28 degrees during the photo shoot. The Canyon boots did not disappoint. Even in these winter conditions our feet stayed warm and dry. A recent rain ride on the highway proved that the boots are indeed waterproof. The micro-adjust strap is great, offering a snug, secure fit. The suede strip over the toe box is holding up well, not showing the usual scuff marks from the shift lever. Sidis are known for their supportive soles, and that holds true on these boots. Standing on the pegs is very comfortable, but the soles are not too stiff for walking. We wouldn’t want to trade in our sneakers for long hikes, but when it comes to motorcycle boots, the Canyons rate at the top. We have a friend who rides a cruiser-style bike, and even he liked the looks of these boots. They will be going to Alaska this summer.
NEGATIVE: If you’re looking for a hard-core, dual-sport boot, the Canyon may not be the best choice; Sidi makes other boots to fit that bill. The price is another turnoff for some riders.
BOTTOM LINE: If you’re looking for a high-quality boot for that Adventure ride, either pavement or street, the Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex is a serious contender. It offers great fit, hours of comfort, both on and off the bike, and good looks. One tester put his other boots on the shelf when these showed up at the office. q
PRICE: $350

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