By: Zapata Espinoza

Sidi was founded by Dino Signori back in 1960. Originally, the product line was dedicated to hiking boots, but eventually the brand became synonymous with performance off-road footwear. From six-time world champion Joel Robert and ten-time world champ Stefan Everts to current world champ Antonio Cairoli, Sidi boots have been used by some of the most successful motocross riders in history. With a broad range of products designed for a variety of two-wheeled sports, Sidi is also a name well-known to off-road riders and cyclists alike. After celebrating their 50th anniversary, Mr. Signori is still found in the office on a daily basis along with his daughter Rosella who helps run the business.



Sidi’s impressive headquarters are located in Maser Italy. The Venetto region that Sidi calls home is also where handful of key boot makers can be found. In fact, both Alpinestars and Gaerne are located within earshot of Sidi. The design of the stylish building is intended to act as a mirror image to the Colli Asolani that sit parallel to the buildings façade. 


Road cycling and moto share a bench at the factory


Like many of their local Italian competitors, Sidi has moved a majority of its manufacturing to Romania. While the Italian office takes care of manufacturing all of the brand’s higher end products (plus home to administrative, warehousing, marketing and design duties), the bulk of their manufacturing duties are now done in Romania to take advantage of lower production costs.


The Maser location is home to 75 people and the Romanian plant employs upwards of 300 people. Sidi’s Poalo Mion told us that all of the boots and shoes made in Romania and unpacked and checked for QC before being re-boxed and shipped to customers.


 There are rows of foot molds that are used to design and build the shoes of top riders.

The  Colli Asolani mountains that reflect in the windows of the Sidi offices


Trials boots for Adam Haga

Stefan Everts carried the Sidi flag his numerous World Championships. 

 Celebratory chrome boots

The cycling shoes of former world Superbike champion Troy Bayliss.

At first glance, assembling shoes is not what you would assume these massive machines are used for.

Cairoli poster


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