2016 Sherco Trial Range: A new personality along with many major improvements

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Ryan Young, the importer for Sherco’s trials line  in the U.S. can now show the 2016 models.

All of the models have received new chassis components along with a totally redesigned frame that is made completely out of Chrome-Molybdenum. As for the graphics design, the color code has been changed to electric blue along with a fluorescent yellow that continues to enhance the strong Sherco identity.

Sherco ST 125: Compact and modern

The entry-level model is a 125cc motorcycle that is ideal for the initiation of future champions. This small ST includes all of the new improvements and changes that have been developed for the entire range. This represents a great step forward and indicates a strong commitment by Sherco to young riders.
The 125 is a very competitive bike that they can learn on and improve their skills. The mechanical components have been developed from the experience we have gained from the Sherco Academy program.


Sherco ST 250/300: Robust with great handling

Significant design work was done to improve the chassis, giving it a new personality. The work done by the Sherco engineers is a major step forward for current and future developments. The main feature is a new frame that is made entirely out of Chrome-Molybdenum steel that combines laminated steel tubes along with sheet metal plates that are all welded together to create the new frame. This configuration was selected after endurance and performance tests to prove its strength, flexibility and lightweight.

This new configuration includes repositioning the fuel tank, it is now in the forward position and the airbox is now in the center position. Therefore, the exhaust has been reviewed and redesigned in order to improve performance at low engine speeds and provide a smoother evacuation of the exhaust gas.

The adjustments that have been made to the size of the available engines has allowed the character of the range to be refined. The 300 is the weapon of choice for competitors and experienced riders, who want a demanding and powerful motorcycle. The 250 meanwhile is reserved for intermediate riders who are looking for a certain sweetness in acceleration and an easier bike to ride.


ST 2016 Common Evolutions


  • Surflex R clutch
  • Improved sealing of the carburetor inlet connection
  • Silencer evolution: improved performance at low engine speeds, better retention of the absorbent wool and a reduction in the operating temperature
  • Exhaust manifold strengthened to improve life
  • Reinforced gear selector lever
  • Improved kick starter lever fixation along with a new machined shaft for a more robust attachment



  • New Chrome-Molybdenum steel chassis made from tubes along with steel plates, reinforced in high load areas in order to improve the life and performance of the frame
  • New engine guard design
  • New fuel tank made of black polyamide, positioned at the front of the bike
  • New air filter box that forms the rear structure of the bike. It incorporates a new grille and a new foam filter
  • New rear fender
  • Tech fork
  • R16V shock absorber with a new spring and new damper tuning
  • Anodized alloy wheels

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