After the release of the two-stroke in 2014 and the 450 four-stroke in 2015, Sherco has refined all its models for 2016.  The four-stroke bikes have received a lot of changes to the cylinder, the gearbox and the water pump. They now also have a keyless starting system. The changes include reworking the engine maps and the crankshaft has been modified to reduce weight. The engine valves and ignition curves have been optimized, the gear selection mechanism has been redesigned and the water pump has been enhanced. The entire range has also received an enhanced rear subframe, a new very modern design front fender along with new stronger more flexible handguards. For more information, contact the U.S. importer,

tl_files/sherco/images/2016 Enduro 2.JPG

The 450 is the newest addition to the line.

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The 300 is available as a four-stroke or a two-stroke.

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The two-stroke version of the 300 has had some outstanding finishes and wins in the World Enduro Championship.

tl_files/sherco/images/2016 Enduro 5.JPG

tl_files/sherco/images/2016 Enduro 6.JPG

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