Sherco just released its new line of off-road bikes for the 2021 models year. The factory in France is running at full strength, and company officials expect 2021 to be the biggest year yet in the company’s 25 year history. Once again, the off road bikes are divided into two ranges: the “Racing” line and the upgraded “Factory” line. Both include a 125 two-Stroke (the 125SE), a 250 two-stroke (250SE) and a 300 two-stroke (300SE). The four-strokes offered are the 250SEF, the 300SEF, the 450SEF and the 500SEF. Here are some details for 2021.

2021 Sherco 450/500 SEF Racing.

The big bike is offered in both 450 and 500 versions. The Racing model will come with WP XPLOR suspension at both ends. There are a number of motor changes that result in a significant weight reduction for 2021.

2021 Sherco 450/500SEF Factory


The Factory version of the 450/500SEF is upgraded with an Akrapovic exhaust and KYB suspension. It also has an upgraded graphics package and seat cover.

2021 Sherco 300SEF Racing

The 250SEF and 300SEF are the company’s four-stroke off-road machines with electric start, fuel-injection and six-speed gearboxes. They differ only in displacement. The Racing version comes with WP XPLOR suspension components, which are new for 2021. Also new for 2021 are a lighter crank with a plain bearing, lighter engine cases, a lower compression ratio and a tip-over sensor.

2021 Sherco 250SEF Factory

The 250 and 300SEF Factory models get all the same upgrades with the addition of a new Akrapovic exhaust system and KYB suspension. The Factory model also gets upgraded graphics and seat cover.

2021 Sherco 250SE Racing

The bread and butter of the Sherco line remains its two-strokes. The 250 and 300 are the same, aside from displacement. They both have electronic powervalves, six-speed gearboxes and electric starters. New for 2021 is a counter-balancer to reduce vibration. There are also significant changes to the gearbox that results in weight loss. The two-strokes get a new cylinder, a new head, changes to the ignition and a lower compression ratio.

2021 Sherco 300SE Factory

The Sherco 300SE Factory is the model that Cody Webb rides. Its upgrade include KYB suspension, an FMF exhaust, and Factory graphics. It also gets all the engine upgrades including the counterbalancer.

The 250 and 300 two-strokes have a counter balancer for 2021.
2021 Sherco 125SE Factory

Sherco has a 125 available in both Factory and Racing configurations. It has a lighter crankshaft among other upgrades for 2021. For more information on the Sherco line visit

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