Sherco Motorcycles just concluded the world launch of its 2019 models line in Nimes, France. The French maker revealed both two-stroke and four-stroke off-road models in addition to showing its trials line. Sherco currently has factories in both Spain and France, but with the completion of a huge new plant last year, production of all models is scheduled to soon move to France. The new plant has the capacity to make Sherco the second-largest maker of dirt bikes in Europe.

The Factory models will feature upgraded suspension and exhausts.

Sherco is a very specialized company; enduro bikes and trials bikes are the entire focus, and the people involved are very passionate about their product. They believe in two-strokes for some applications and four-strokes for others. The two-stroke enduro line consists of a 300, a 250, a 125 and, for European markets, a 50. The four-stroke line consists of a 500, a 450, a 300 and a 250. A special “Baja” edition of the 450/500 was also shown to the press.

The Sherco 250SEF Racing two-stroke is almost identical to the 300, but has a mellower personality.

In the past, the trials line has been exclusively two-stroke with a 125, 250 and a 300, but a 125 four-stroke will be added to the line for 2019. In the U.S., the trials bikes and off-road bikes are handled by two different importers. Trials bikes are sold by Ryan Young Products, while enduro bikes are handled by Sherco Off-Road.

Sherco has 250 and 300 displacements in both two-stroke and four-stroke.

The “Racing” models in Sherco language are the standard editions, while the “Factory” models have upgraded suspension and exhaust systems. For 2019, the Factory models will have KYB suspension, while the Racing models continue with WP components. The Factory four-strokes will have Akrapovic exhausts. Both two-stroke lines will have FMF exhaust pipes, while the Factory models will also have FMF silencers. There are a number of other differences between the two lines, such as the skidplate, which will only come on the Racing models. All the bikes have handlebar-mounted map switches, electric start, hydraulic clutches, Brembo brakes and Nekken handlebars.

The 300SEF is ridden by former World Enduro Champion Matt Phillips.

For the U.S. riders who are familiar with the existing Sherco line, the changes in store for 2019 are highlighted by weight loss. The frame, lithium battery and triple clamps are all lighter this year. The 250 and 300 two-stroke engines have a completely new top end for 2019 with a more compact electronic powervalve. The ignition rotor is now lighter and there are a number of electronic upgrades. The 125 two-stroke gets a new piston and changes that are designed to result in better crankcase lubrication.

Sherco has made its 450 into a 500 with a larger bore.

On the four-stroke side of the ledger, the 250 will have a bigger piston and a shorter stroke. Both 250 and 300 will have new cams, larger valves, reworked heads and lightened clutch baskets. The 450 has higher compression and a rebalanced crank, while the 500 is a new model with a bigger bore.

The Sherco TY125 is an entry-level trials bike for 2019.

The trials bike line is headlined by an entry-level 125 four-stroke. The TY125 is designed to accommodate younger riders with its air-cooled motor. The bigger bikes have changes to the clutch, head, crankshaft. The 300 head gets an interchangeable dome to change the motor’s overall state of tune.

Ron Lawson got to ride the full Sherco line at the world press launch in France. Check out Ron’s Wrap next Friday to read about it.

We got the chance to ride all the bikes in the Sherco line during a recent trip to the factory. Check back next week in the Friday Wrap up for riding impressions of the two-stroke and four-stroke off-road models.

Pricing for the U.S. off-road models has already been figured out by the importer and does not include destination fees or taxes:

Four Stroke Models
SE-F 250 Racing $9300
SE-F 250 Factory Edition $10000
SC-F 250 Cross Country $9900
SE-F 300 Racing $10000
SE-F 300 Factory Edition $10700
SC-F 300 Cross Country $10600
SE-F 450 Racing $10200
SE-F 450 Factory Edition $10900
Two Stroke Models
SE 125 Racing $8400
SE 125 Factory Edition available in December/January
SC 125 Cross Country $8600
SE 250 Racing $9200
SE 250 Factory Edition $9800
SC 250 Cross Country $9600
SE 300 Racing $9300
SE 300 Factory Edition $9900
SC 300 Cross Country $9700
X Ride 290 $7600

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