Shane Watts race report – GNCC Rd. 4

Fun Mart Cycles/ offroad racer Shane Watts turned in a fine display at Rd. 4 of the GNCC series held in perfect conditions at the Big Buck venue over the weekend, April 13.

Taking off at the rear of the pack due to a two kick start Watts was able to methodically work his way through the Pro class pack to a high position of fourth place a short way into the third lap of the six lap, 3 hour race. This was only to last for another lap though as by part way into lap number 4 Watts had began to noticeably tire due to his very limited physical preparation in the previous few months. The main causes for this were his full commitment to his wildly popular Dirt Wise riding schools, personal sickness, and the recent surgery and recovery of their 6 month old child.

Watts soldiered on for the remainder of the race with his body’s energy levels on “vapours” to finally finish a dismal 16th overall.

With the limited preparation that I’ve had I’m actually surprised that I lasted that long before bonking,” Watts exclaimed whilst slumped in a chair following the race. “It was pretty decent to work my way through the pack and to ride up near the front again especially seeing this is my first Pro GNCC race in a very long time. The previous weekend at my Dirt Wise riding school I had a massive crash while demonstrating a “Pro level” skill and subsequently suffered quite a hefty concussion so when I started to get a major head ache at the beginning of lap 4 I decided it was time to back it down significantly and just take it easy to the finish. I was extremely tired by then anyway!”

With two weeks now to focus on an increased amount of training Watts will be aiming to run up at the very front of the pack at Rd. 5 of the GNCC, and this time hopefully for the majority if not all of the 3 hour race.

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