SHANE WATTS LACKS FOCUS AT GNCC #5–APRIL 25 Mart Cycles racer Shane Watts had an extremely trying day at Round 5 of the GNCC series yesterday, held in Morganton, North Carolina. Conducted with near perfect track conditions, but in bitterly cold conditions, Watts struggled to a final finish position of 22nd Overall.

“Today just ended up being a really bad day for me results wise. Right from the start of the race I had a major problem with my vision. It was constantly blurred and no matter what I tried I just couldn?t focus and get a clear view of the track. I couldn?t interpret what obstacles were approaching or to what severity they were, especially when there was multiple ruts down the trail. I was clipping trees and at one stage my wrists took a heavy, bone jarring impact from “something” on the track, which resulted in both hands flying off the bars. A very scary moment indeed!”

“The vision thing has been happening for a while now but only in the closing stages of the race. I just thought that I was getting tired and having trouble concentrating. Following this race there have been suggestions that my vision problems may be related with my blood sugar levels, or hypoglycemia, because during everyday activities my eyesight is excellent.”

Watts struggled throughout the race with the vision problems but still ran at the tail end of the top 10, only to then suffer some mechanical issues on the last two laps which dropped him back then to 22nd Overall.

“I?m not disappointed with my performance. Sure, it was a bad result but considering what I was dealing with I?m still content with myself. However though, I will now be scheduling in to see an eye specialist to see what can be done about it, or if we can diagnose what is causing the inability of my eyes to focus when racing.”


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