PRODUCT: The Seat Concepts Comfort XL Tall saddle is unique in the off-road world, as it’s not only 1 inch taller (though they offer standard sizes as well), but it is wider (8 1/2 inches) than their Comfort model, which is 7 1/8 inches wide. Just for comparison’s sake, the standard Comfort design maintains a similar contour to stock at the front of the saddle but tapers out towards the midpoint to help distribute the rider’s weight over a great area. The new Comfort XL uses their proprietary seat foam, which provides a plusher and more active ride and is a full 8 1/2  inches wide at the main sitting position. The covers come in several combos, their gripper cover with carbon fiber sides targets good feel, strong grip and comfort as the cover helps promote the active feel to the saddle. 

The Seat Concepts comfort XL tall on the left, compared to a stocker. It looks bizarre, but works well as it’s easy on the fanny and aides in traction.

OUR TAKE: Visually, the Comfort XL Tall takes some getting used to. It’s wide at the “sit zone,” and the odd look lends itself to preconceived notions about its performance. If you’re an off-roader who spends a good amount of time in the saddle, the Seat Concepts Comfort platform is superb. You actually make better contact with the saddle and can use it as an advantage hill-climbing, working your core into the saddle, and it improves the overall feel and ability to make traction. We had to get over the idea that low, hard saddles put you into the right stance and that softer, wide-body saddles were for Harleys. Our fanny is happier at the end of a long ride, our ability to stay in the machine and at a proper athletic position has improved, and the feel takes some of the edge off sharp hits that start to wear on your body and brain after a four- or five-hour ride. Overall, this may reek of an old guy dual-sport saddle, but it performs superbly via cushion, traction and feel. Mobility is not hampered as it starts thin at the front, so in the standing position we never noticed the wide-body side of the saddle. For the off-roader, it’s a winner. It comes in both a foam and cover kit, or as a complete saddle, which is how we tested it. 

PRICE: $304.99, Complete saddle      CONTACT:

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