The Prospect MX goggle is unique in that it gives the rider a maximum field of vision due to the extra height of the lens. In addition, it features a lens lock system that makes the lens stay in the frame no matter what impact is coming from outside. To avoid slipping of the goggle, it is equipped with an extra wide, no-slip silicone strap.

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This strap together with articulated outriggers, contribute to the improvement of the helmet integration. Another good feature on the Prospect goggle is that it comes with two lenses – chrome and clear.

Lens-Lock-System_tif_mainBanner_1To avoid the lens coming out, Scott has designed the lens lock system with 4 locking pins that go through the lens instead of grabbing it from the top.

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Articulated_outriggers_tif_mainBanner_1The Prospect has two pivoting outriggers that adapt to any helmet shape and size. The resulting pressure created by the goggle on the rider’s face provides a  consistent seal.

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No_Sweat_3_129054_2_Face_Foam_Technology_1200x675_Website Image_2015-16_SCOTT-Sports_mainBanner_1NoSweat 3.2 Face Foam system channels sweat away from the face while relieving pressure from the nose. The first foam system integrates 3-layer NoSweat foam across the top half of the goggle and channels sweat away from the face. The middle layer absorbs sweat; the third fleece layer creates the fit and seal.


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The Prospect nose guard can be easily removed and re-assembled.

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