PRODUCT: Scalvini is an Italian company that specializes in making exhaust systems that are about more than performance—they’re all about style. In the area of two-stroke exhausts in particular, Scalvini brings a distinctly Italian flair to the table. In recent years we’ve seen remarkable evolution in four-stroke pipes, while two-stroke expansion chambers look exactly like they did 30 years ago. This product, on the other hand, has aesthetic appeal with hand-welded cone sections and a raw look. The silencer, too, is more modern looking than the two-stroke offerings we’re used to with a carbon fiber end cap. There’s also a full carbon fiber silencer available.

POSITIVE: We got the new application for a 2017 Husqvarna TX300 off-road bike and were stunned with the incredible quality. First of all, the fit was excellent. With a hand-built product, you usually have to allow a little fudge room for bolt holes that don’t line up. That wasn’t the case here. The expansion chamber fit in place easily, and the silencer requires only a little more effort. The hanger for the silencer is a wrap-around piece that you have to bend into place yourself. In performance, the Scalvini is similar to the stocker. There’s a slight benefit in over-rev, and it had no ill effect whatsoever on jetting. If anything, the exhaust note is slightly quieter than stock. Still, what we like most is the appearance. This pipe gives the whole motorcycle a works bike look.

NEGATIVE: There’s no spark arrestor in the silencer. There’s no spark arrestor in the stocker, either, so you might have to get yet another silencer for events that have that requirement. The chamber sells for $329, but we can’t truly say that’s a negative, because there’s a lot of workmanship invested here. Put all the welds on a Scalvini pipe in a line and it would go halfway to the first turn.

BOTTOM LINE: Most other aftermarket pipes are around $250. The quality of the Scalvini more than justifies its extra price, and it’s still less than a premium four-stroke product. The silencer is nice, too, but the pipe itself is the star of the show. We recommend it without reservation.

PRICE: Exhaust pipe, $379 carbon/aluminum silencer, $209

CONTACT: or (760) 949-0941


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