Save Johnson Valley – Fun Ride

The event will take place December 13th & 14th in the Cougar Buttes area. We are inviting all of the Off-Road community to come out and join us in our fight against land closures that could leave us without public access to the Johnson Valley riding area. The Johnson Valley OHV area is the largest desert recreation area we have in the Nation and is home to numerous off-road events each year. Losing it would be devastating to the off-road community and to the business’s that are sustained by the revenue produced by these off-road enthusiast.
This is not a race but instead a gathering of the off-road community to help educate everyone on the current status of the Johnson Valley OHV area and the proposed closure of the Johnson Valley OHV area, by the 29 Palms Marine Base.
We will have various loops for all types of riders and disciplines. Most of the loops are being designated to various D-37 Clubs.
We are arranging a trials and a rock crawler exhibition as well as a band for Saturday night’s festivities and a huge raffle.
The objective of the event is to raise awareness about the proposed land closures and how to act, unite and be heard. We will have representatives from ORBA, CORVA, BRC, D-37 and AMA at the event as well as some guest speakers. We are also in efforts to raise funds for the D-37 AMA Legal Defense Fund to help combat these proposed land closures. We will be offering sponsorship opportunities to vendors and various motorcycle shops as well a T-shirt and bumper sticker campaign to help raise these funds for the D-37 AMA Legal Defense Fund.
I think it will be great time, I hope you can make it.
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Jim Rios
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