The highly anticipated one-on-one battle for the 2020 250 Eastern Regional Supercross Championship finally took place as Rice Eccles Stadium hosted Pro Supercross for the sixth consecutive race. Chase Sexton and Shane McElrath came in with three wins apiece, and they  would finally go bar to bar for an entire main event. Sexton clearly made a statement, starting off behind McElrath, then making an assertive pass and pulling away. That gave him a six-point lead going into the final race next Sunday, where they will have the added chaos of the east-west showdown. For extended coverage of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season, click here.


Shane McElrath dominated heat one. Photo by Travis Fant.

There was no one in heat one who could do anything to slow down Shane McElrath. He took the holeshot and pulled away with seeming ease. Jo Shimoda rode well in second place, but he was 10 second back by the end of the race. The final transfer sport went to Chris Blose.

1 Shane McElrath
2 Jo Shimoda
3 Jalek Swoll
4 Lorenzo Locurcio
5 Darian Sanayei
6 Curren Thurman
7 Jerry Robin
8 Coty Schock
9 Chris Blose
10 Justin Rodbell
11 Lane Shaw
12 Wilson Fleming
13 Chad Saultz
14 Enzo Lopes
15 Jace Owen


Chase Sexton had to work for his heat two win. Photo by Travis Fant.

Chase Sexton had to work for his win in heat two. Colt Nichols got the holeshot while Sexton was in the middle of the pack. Pierce Brown took the lead briefly, but Nichols came right back then actually pulled a small lead. Sexton didn’t waste any time, though, and was in second place, pushing for the lead by the halfway point. Three laps from the end, Sexton took over. Nichols held on for second, then it was a fair gap back to Brown and an even bigger gap to Kyle Peters in fourth.

1 Chase Sexton
2 Colt Nichols
3 Pierce Brown
4 Kyle Peters
5 John Short
6 Justin Starling
7 Chase Marquier
8 Hunter Sayles
9 Kevin Moranz
10 Luke Neese
11 Dustin Winter
12 Travis Delnicki
13 Logan Leitzel
14 Vincent Murphy
15 Joshua Osby

250 LCQ

1 Enzo Lopes
2 Luke Neese
3 Joshua Osby
4 Justin Rodbell
5 Dustin Winter
6 Vincent Murphy
7 Logan Leitzel
8 Wilson Fleming
9 Lane Shaw
10 Travis Delnicki
11 Chad Saultz
12 Jace Owen


Chase Sexton made a statement with one round to go. Photo by Travis Fant.

At the start, Darian Sanayei was in front on his Kawasaki, but both McElrath and Sexton passed him before a lap was done. Pierce Brown, Colt Nichols and John Short were up front as well, setting up some very fast opening laps. Then it was one on one between Sexton and McElrath and they started pulling away from everyone else. On the fourth lap. Sexton Passed McElrath with enough contact to throw McElrath off his game for a lap or so. While he regrouped, Colt Nichols started pushing Brown for third. Nichols eventually prevailed. Through the rest of the race, Sexton maintained a small lead over McElrath, who seemed to have considerable trouble passing lappers. Sexton, on the other hand, seemd to sail smoothly around the track, picing up a fraction of a second with every lap. In the end, he had more than a straightaway over McElrath, who had a full 10 seconds over third place Nichols.

1 Chase Sexton
2 Shane Mcelrath
3 Colt Nichols
4 Pierce Brown
5 Jo Shimoda
6 Kyle Peters
7 Enzo Lopes
8 Chris Blose
9 Lorenzo Locurcio
10 Chase Marquier
11 Curren Thurman
12 Justin Starling
13 Kevin Moranz
14 Jalek Swoll
15 Darian Sanayei
16 Joshua Osby
17 Hunter Sayles
18 Luke Neese
19 Justin Rodbell
20 John Short
21 Coty Schock
22 Jerry Robin


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