The 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season has come to its final two-race stand at Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City.  This was the site where Eli Tomac inked the deal on his 2020 Supercross Championship, but this time, all eyes were on Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen. Virtually unmentioned this year has been Webb’s teammate Marvin Musquin, who clearly has the speed but has suffered setback after setback. This time, Musquin forced the championship battle to take a backseat as he rode a flawless race to take his first win since 2019. The 250 East riders returned to action after a 10-week break. The biggest news in that class happened before the race even started. Christian Craig injured himself in practice, leaving his teammate Colt Nichols a clear path to the championship. In the end, Jo Shimoda prevented an early celebration in the Nichols camp by taking his first career win and keeping his own chances for a championship mathematically alive. For extended coverage of 2021 supercross, click here.


The first 450 heat was all Cooper Webb. Photo by Travis Fant.

Cooper Webb edged out his teammate Marvin Musquin for the holeshot of heat one. Aaron Plessinger, Justin Barcia, Chase Sexton and Jason Anderson fell into line next. On the third lap, Barcia dropped his GasGas which erupted in a cloud of steam, sending him straight to the pits. Then the battle for second place was on between Musquin, Plessinger and Sexton. Musquin went down, leaving Plessinger trying to hold of Sexton. Eventually, Sexton took over with Jason Anderson also sneaking past AP on the final lap.

1 Cooper Webb
2 Chase Sexton
3 Jason Anderson
4 Aaron Plessinger
5 Marvin Musquin
6 Broc Tickle
7 Tyler Bowers
8 Justin Starling
9 Brandon Hartranft
10 Fredrik Noren
11 Adam Enticknap
12 Joshua Cartwright
13 Henry Miller
14 Theodore Pauli
15 Vann Martin
16 Deven Raper
17 Jeremy Smith
18 Justin Barcia


Eli Tomac had a start-to-finish win in heat two. Photo by Travis Fant.

Eli Tomac, Malcolm Stewart and Dylan Ferrandis were all up front in 450 heat two while Ken Roczen started off around 10th. Eli rode well within his limits throughout the race and never pulled far ahead of Stewart. The main action on the track was Roczen picking off rider after rider. By the end of the race, he was able to pass Ferrandis for third, but Tomac and Stewart were out of sight.

1 Eli Tomac
2 Malcolm Stewart
3 Ken Roczen
4 Dylan Ferrandis
5 Joey Savatgy
6 Dean Wilson
7 Benny Bloss
8 Cade Clason
9 Max Anstie
10 Robbie Wageman
11 Nick Schmidt
12 Joan Cros
13 Aj Catanzaro
14 Cheyenne Harmon
15 Alex Ray
16 Chris Howell
17 Ryan Surratt
18 Scotty Wennerstrom
19 Joshua Greco

450 LCQ

1 Justin Barcia
2  Fredrik Noren
3  Henry Miller
4 Joshua Cartwright


Marvin Musquin took his first win in two years. Photo by Travis Fant.

Marvin Musquin rode a clean race to collect his first main event in over two years, but the take away from Salt Lake City One was that Ken Roczen let another one get away. The early laps couldn’t have looked much better for Roczen; he had the start and points leader Cooper Webb was back in sixth.  Eli Tomac was a few spots behind that, and for most of the race, the only rider to keep Roczen in sight was Musquin. Many of the top riders had trouble in the first half of the race. Tomac went down, so did Barcia. Eventually a four-way battle developed for third, with Jason Anderson holding off Webb, Malcolm Stewart and Chase Sexton. With about eight minutes left in the race, everything changed.  First Webb passed Anderson, then Roczen washed the front end and dropped back to sixth. Webb then looked like he was setting up for one of his classic last-lap take-overs, but Musquin held on to win. Webb was forced to take the battle to the last round next week. Malcolm Stewart, in the meantime, took his first career 450 podium in third.

1 Marvin Musquin
2 Cooper Webb
3 Malcolm Stewart
4 Dylan Ferrandis
5 Chase Sexton
6 Ken Roczen
7 Jason Anderson
8 Aaron Plessinger
9 Dean Wilson
10 Eli Tomac
11 Joey Savatgy
12 Broc Tickle
13 Max Anstie
14 Justin Barcia
15 Tyler Bowers
16 Benny Bloss
17 Cade Clason
18 Brandon Hartranft
19 Justin Starling
20 Henry Miller
21 Fredrik Noren
22 Joshua Cartwright


Colt Nichols had a very easy heat one win. Photo by Travis Fant.

The 250 East ranks were fairly thin, with only 14 riders showing up for heat one. Colt Nichols pulled the holeshot and had no trouble at all leading the entire race. GasGas rider Michael Mosiman fell in the first turn with Josh Varize. That put Frenchman Thomas Do in second ahead of Logan Karnow. By the end of the race, Mosiman caught up to third.

1 Colt Nichols
2 Thomas Do
3 Michael Mosiman
4 Logan Karnow
5 Geran Stapleton
6 Hunter Schlosser
7 Devin Simonson
8 RJ Wageman
9 Brian Marty
10 Austin Cozadd
11 Jonah Geistler
12 Joshua Varize
13 Curren Thurman


Jett Lawrence won the second Salt Lake City 250 East Heat. Photo by Travis Fant.

Heat two started off thin and it got thinner still when  Christian Craig pulled off in pain due to his practice crash. Jett Lawrence pulled the holeshot and won without issue. Jo Shimoda had to recover from a so-so start, but quickly found himself in second. John Short and Josh Osby had a good race for third, with Short coming out on top.

1 Jett Lawrence
2 Jo Shimoda
3 John Short
4 Joshua Osby
5 Maxwell Sanford
6 Alexander Nagy
7 Lane Shaw
8 Justin Rodbell
9 Wilson Fleming
10 Mason Kerr
11 Luke Neese
12 Rene Garcia
13  Christian Craig

250 LCQ

1 Joshua Varize
2 Luke Neese
3 Mason Kerr
4 Jonah Geistler


Jo Shimoda collected his first career win. Photo by Travis Fant.

Jo Shimoda came out of the first turn side by side with Michael Mosiman while Colt Nichols was buried around 12th.  In the next few turns, Shimoda emerged with the lead and Thomas Do passed Mosiman for second. A lap later, Mosiman was back in second. By then Nichols was all the way up to sixth behind Jett Lawrence. Pretty soon two distinct battles developed; Shimoda versus Mosiman and Nichols versus Lawrence.  That carried on for most of the race, then the two battles merged into with with lapped riders paying a big role. Mosiman made a few critical mistakes in the late laps that took him out of the picture and by the end of the race, Lawrence was all over Shimoda for the win. In the end, Shomoda withstood it all to collect his first career win and keep his championship hopes alive, if only by the smallest margin.

1 Jo Shimoda
2 Jett Lawrence
3 Colt Nichols
4 Michael Mosiman
5 Thomas Do
6 Joshua Varize
7 Logan Karnow
8 Geran Stapleton
9 Hunter Schlosser
10 John Short
11 Luke Neese
12 Devin Simonson
13 RJ Wageman
14 Alexander Nagy
15 Maxwell Sanford
16 Justin Rodbell
17 Wilson Fleming
18 Jonah Geistler
19 Brian Marty
20 Mason Kerr
21 Lane Shaw
22 Joshua Osby


Eli Tomac said that everything felt good about the Salt Lake City track. Photo by Travis Fant.

1 Eli Tomac 46.980
2 Cooper Webb 47.058
3 Joey Savatgy 47.171
4 Jason Anderson 47.172
5 Malcolm Stewart 47.262
6 Chase Sexton 47.282
7 Ken Roczen 47.284
8 Justin Barcia 47.350
9 Dylan Ferrandis 47.457
10 Marvin Musquin 47.642
11 Dean Wilson 47.870
12 Aaron Plessinger 48.389
13 Max Anstie 48.559
14 Broc Tickle 48.563
15 Benny Bloss 49.429
16 Justin Starling 49.514
17 Robbie Wageman 49.528
18 Tyler Bowers 49.598
19 Alex Ray 49.853
20 Brandon Hartranft 49.924
21 Cade Clason 50.180
22 Adam Enticknap 50.193
23 Nick Schmidt 50.491
24 Henry Miller 50.538
25 Aj Catanzaro 50.583
26 Fredrik Noren 50.600
27 Joan Cros 50.743
28 Joshua Cartwright 50.743
29 Cheyenne Harmon 51.517
30 Jeremy Smith 51.582
31 Ryan Surratt 51.700
32 Theodore Pauli 51.880
33 Chris Howell 51.893
34 Vann Martin 51.967
35 Joshua Greco 52.040
36 Deven Raper 52.342
37 Scotty Wennerstrom 53.641


Christian Craig was the fastest 250, but he crashed hard and might be out for the evening show. Photo by Travis Fant.

1 Christian Craig 47.564
2 Michael Mosiman 47.750
3 Jett Lawrence 47.906
4 Colt Nichols 47.954
5 Jo Shimoda 48.332
6 Thomas Do 49.771
7 Joshua Osby 50.608
8 Logan Karnow 50.893
9 John Short 50.991
10 Joshua Varize 51.086
11 Wilson Fleming 51.536
12 Hunter Schlosser 51.622
13 Luke Neese 51.772
14 Geran Stapleton 52.529
15 Lane Shaw 52.559
16 Curren Thurman 52.703
17 Justin Rodbell 52.987
18 Devin Simonson 53.355
19 Alexander Nagy 53.577
20 RJ Wageman 53.806
21 Maxwell Sanford 53.945
22 Jonah Geistler 53.955
23 Mason Kerr 54.229
24 Brian Marty 54.320
25 Rene Garcia 56.873
26 Austin Cozadd 57.877



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