Dylan Ferrandis, Austin Forkner and Justin Cooper lined up for a continuation of their on-going battle in the 250 West class at Salt Lake City. It was their second consecutive race at the venue that has been the home of Monster Energy Supercross since the end of May. Last Wednesday we saw Forkner win, but Ferrandis still managed to extend his points lead. It’s still somewhat precarious, with only 11 points separating the top three riders. For more coverage of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season, click here.


Justin Cooper took his heat while Forkner and Jett Lawrence tangled. Photo by Travis Fant.

Justin Cooper led the entire race in heat one.  Austin Forkner and Jett Lawrence tangled on the first lap and had to come through the pack.  Alex Martin ended up in second ahead of Jett’s bother Hunter Lawrence. Forkner caught up to fourth head of Luke Clout. Jett got up to sixth ahead of Robbie Wageman, Martin Castelo and Killian Auberson.

1 Justin Cooper
2 Alex Martin
3 Hunter Lawrence
4 Austin Forkner
5 Luke Clout
6 Jett Lawrence
7 Robbie Wageman
8 Martin Castelo
9 Killian Auberson
10 Bryson Gardner
11 Lorenzo Camporese
12 Richard Taylor
13 Wyatt Lyonsmith
14 Chase Felong
15 Blaine Silveira
16 Dawson Newby
17 David Pulley


Christian Craig was the winner of 250 heat two. Photo by Travis Fant.

Dylan Ferrandis got out front early, but went down, handing the lead to Derek Drake. Christian Craig and Cameron McAdoo followed Drake for most of the race. Both of them managed to push Drake back in the later laps, while Ferrandis worked his way up to seventh.

1 Christian Craig
2 Cameron Mcadoo
3 Derek Drake
4 Brandon Hartranft
5 Mitchell Oldenburg
6 Michael Mosiman
7 Dylan Ferrandis
8 Mitchell Falk
9 Derek Kelley
10 Logan Karnow
11 Geran Stapleton
12 RJ Wageman
13 Cheyenne Harmon
14 Addison Emory
15 Mike Henderson
16 Corbin Hayes
17 Chris Howell

250 LCQ

1 Geran Stapleton
2 Lorenzo Camporese
3 Chris Howell
4 Logan Karnow
5 Cheyenne Harmon
6 Wyatt Lyonsmith
7 RJ Wageman
8 Richard Taylor
9 Chase Felong
10 Addison Emory
11 Bryson Gardner
12 Mike Henderson
13 Dawson Newby
14 Blaine Silveira
15 David Pulley
16 Corbin Hayes


Forkner closed to seven points of Ferrandis. Travis Fant photo.


Dylan Ferrandis made the best of a poor gate pick, getting the holeshot from the outside. Christian Craig quickly got into second with Hunter Lawrence third. Hunter made a mistake on the third lap, dropping back to sixth. Austin Forkner, in the meantime, cut his way up to third and started pushing Craig. Five laps into the race, Forkner moved into second and started closing in on Ferrandis. That set up a  battle that saw the two of them gap the rest of the field. By the halfway point, Jett Lawrence had recovered from a poor start and caught brother Hunter. They both passed Craig when he went down and right afterward, Jett passed Hunter for fifth. Up front, Forkner continued to hound Ferrandis  until he finally made an aggressive pass, knocking Ferrandis off the track. In the remaining five laps, Ferrandis made up a little ground, but it wouldn’t be enough to make a serious challenge.  In those laps, an epic battle for third erupted between Michael Mosiman, Jett Lawrence and Camercon McAdoo. Jett came out on top, earning his first podium ahead of McAdoo and Mosiman.

1 Austin Forkner
2 Dylan Ferrandis
3 Jett Lawrence
4 Cameron Mcadoo
5 Michael Mosiman
6 Justin Cooper
7 Hunter Lawrence
8 Brandon Hartranft
9 Derek Drake
10 Christian Craig
11 Luke Clout
12 Mitchell Oldenburg
13 Mitchell Falk
14 Martin Castelo
15 Killian Auberson
16 Robbie Wageman
17 Logan Karnow
18 Chris Howell
19 Derek Kelley
20 Geran Stapleton
21 Alex Martin
22 Lorenzo Camporese



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