The 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season reached its ultimate destination  at Salt Lake City’s Rice Eccles Stadium this weekend with three championships to be decided.  Cooper Webb sat on a comfortable 22 point lead going into the stadium. That meant that if he could be surpassed only if he failed to score any points and Ken Roczen finished first or second. Some riders would have played it safe in that scenario, but not Webb. He rode hard from the start, passing the fastest riders in the game to take both the championship and the final round.  The two 250 regional titles were to be decided in a single East/West Showdown. Star Yamaha teammates Justin Cooper (West) and Colt Nichols (East) had their respective championships well under control. In the end, it was Jett Lawrence who had the most will to win, taking the lead late in the race and beating the best of both regions.  For extended coverage of 2021 supercross, click here.


Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin, Ken Roczen and Malcolm Stewart all got good starts, but it was Tomac who emerged from the confusion with the lead. Roczen and Stewart both passed Musquin, but couldn’t offer a challenge to Tomac. For the rest of the race, Tomac inched away while Roczen and Stewart just seemed to keep tabs on each other.

1 Eli Tomac
2 Ken Roczen
3 Malcolm Stewart
4 Marvin Musquin
5 Joey Savatgy
6 Broc Tickle
7 Max Anstie
8 Benny Bloss
9 Kyle Chisholm
10 Brandon Hartranft
11 Justin Starling
12 Aj Catanzaro
13 Vann Martin
14 Deven Raper
15 Chris Howell
16 Joshua Cartwright
17 Joshua Greco
18 Cheyenne Harmon
19 Kyle Greeson
20 Henry Miller


In stark contrast to the static parade of heat one, heat two was non-stop action from start to finish. Jason Anderson edged out Aaron Plessinger for the lead early in the race. Cooper Webb got past Plessinger and pulled right up on Anderson’s rear wheel, but couldn’t manage to get by. Behind Plessinger, a battle emerged between Justin Barcia, Chase Sexton and Dylan Ferrandis. Those three pushed each other until they joined the three riders in front, setting up a six-way battle for the win. In the end, Anderson held off the stampede but only by a hair.

1 Jason Anderson
2 Cooper Webb
3 Aaron Plessinger
4 Justin Barcia
5 Chase Sexton
6 Dylan Ferrandis
7 Dean Wilson
8 Tyler Bowers
9 Fredrik Noren
10 Cade Clason
11 Nick Schmidt
12 Joan Cros
13 Adam Enticknap
14 Theodore Pauli
15 Justin Rodbell
16 Alexander Nagy
17 Mason Kerr
18 Jeremy Smith
19 Alex Ray
20 Scotty Wennerstrom

450 LCQ
1 Justin Starling
2  Alex Ray Milan
3  Joan Cros
4  Cade Clason


Marvin Musquin finished second to follow last week’s win in Salt Lake City One. Photo by Brian converse.

Cooper Webb could have been forgiven if he had taken the safe course of action and simply finished the main to take his second Supercross Championship. But that’s not what he did. Right from the start, he was racing for the win. Kenny Roczen was up front early in the main with Marvin Musquin and Webb tucking into second and third. Webb soon moved into second and was riding hard to catch Roczen. Then it was Chase Sexton, Aaron Plessinger, Dylan Ferrandis and Jason Anderson. Eventually, Webb settled down and started to play his traditional waiting game. Then, it looked like Sexton was the fastest man on the track. He passed both Musquin and Webb. Right around the halfway point, Sexton passed Roczen.  For the next few laps, the riders were grouped  by team. Sexton and Roczen had two Hondas in front followed by the two KTMs of Webb and Musquin. Then came three Yamahas of Aaron Plessinger, Dylan Ferrandis and Malcolm Stewart. It wasn’t until the later laps that things started to change. Webb suddenly picked up the pace, bumping past Roczen and then setting out after Sexton, who had a 4 second lead by that time. Roczen seemed shaken up by that, and started going backwards fast, eventually landing in 10th place. With five minutes left on the clock, Webb passed Sexton for the lead. Musquin also passed Sexton with just two laps to go, setting up a very good night for the KTM team.

1 Cooper Webb
2 Marvin Musquin
3 Chase Sexton
4 Dylan Ferrandis
5 Malcolm Stewart
6 Joey Savatgy
7 Justin Barcia
8 Aaron Plessinger
9 Eli Tomac
10 Ken Roczen
11 Dean Wilson
12 Max Anstie
13 Benny Bloss
14 Tyler Bowers
15 Kyle Chisholm
16 Broc Tickle
17 Justin Starling
18 Alex Ray
19 Cade Clason
20 Fredrik Noren
21 Joan Cros
22 Jason Anderson


Cameron McAdoo has to pass Hunter Lawrence and Jalek Swoll to win the East heat. Photo by Brian Converse.
Cameron McAdoo has to pass Hunter Lawrence and Jalek Swoll to win the East heat. Photo by Brian Converse.

Hunter Lawrence and Justin Cooper were both going for the holeshot and made contact in the first turn. Cooper went off the track and rejoined in last place. Jalek Swoll bumped his way into the lead with Lawrence and Cameron McAdoo close behind. Pretty soon McAdoo managed to pass Lawrence and then he and Swoll  passed each other several times. Eventually, McAdoo took control, but then Lawrence also passed Swoll and set out after McAdoo. The two of them didn’t quite get close enough for a major duel, and McAdoo took the checkers first. Cooper managed to catch up to eighth.

1 Cameron McAdoo
2 Hunter Lawrence
3 Jalek Swoll
4 Seth Hammaker
5 Garrett Marchbanks
6 Pierce Brown
7 Kyle Peters
8 Justin Cooper
9 Jarrett Frye
10 Robbie Wageman
11 Cedric Soubeyras
12 Dilan Schwartz
13 Coty Schock
14 Enzo Lopes
15 Jerry Robin
16 Dominique Thury
17 Derek Kelley
18 Ryan Surratt
19 Mitchell Harrison
20 Ramyller Alves


Michael Mosiman won the East heat easily. Photo by Brian Converse.

The Heat from the East was all Michael Mosiman. He got the start and led every lap to finish with a 6-second lead. Jo Shimoda was in second for most of the race, but Jett Lawrence took that position away just before the white flag came out. Points leader Colt Nichols got a so-so start and rode a safe race to finish fourth ahead of Frenchman Thomas Do.

1 Michael Mosiman
2 Jett Lawrence
3 Jo Shimoda
4 Colt Nichols
5 Thomas Do
6 Joshua Osby
7 Geran Stapleton
8 Logan Karnow
9 Joshua Varize
10 Hunter Schlosser
11 Luke Neese
12 Devin Simonson
13 Maxwell Sanford
14 Wilson Fleming
15 Jonah Geistler
16 Brian Marty
17 RJ Wageman
18 Austin Cozadd
19 John Short
20 Lane Shaw

250 LCQ
1 Enzo Lopes
2 Dilan Schwartz
3 Coty Schock
4 Luke Neese


Jett Lawrence passed Colt Nichols late in the race to take the showdown. Photo by Brian Converse.

Colt Nichols was up front for most of the East/West Showdown, clearly hoping to clinch his Eastern Regional Championship in style. Justin Cooper, on the other hand, wanted to take no chances with the West. He started in the middle of the pack and stayed there throughout the race.  He had company back there, too. Jo Shimoda also got a bad start, but it was Michael Mosiman who was the farthest back, rounding the first lap in nearly last. Up front, Nichols continued to lead  a pack that included Jett Lawrence, Seth Hammaker and Hunter Lawrence. Hunter went down, but only lost a few spots. That left Jett with a clear shot at Nichols. He got closer and closer. When he finally got close enough to make an attempt at the lead, Nichols backed out early, clearly wanting no part of a bump-and-run situation. That gave Jett Lawrence the lead, which he held all the way in. Hunter caught up to third, putting two brothers on the podium.

1 Jett Lawrence
2 Colt Nichols
3 Hunter Lawrence
4 Cameron McAdoo
5 Seth Hammaker
6 Jo Shimoda
7 Pierce Brown
8 Jalek Swoll
9 Justin Cooper
10 Kyle Peters
11 Garrett Marchbanks
12 Enzo Lopes
13 Jarrett Frye
14 Thomas Do
15 Michael Mosiman
16 Joshua Osby
17 Joshua Varize
18 Coty Schock
19 Luke Neese
20 Logan Karnow
21 Dilan Schwartz
22 Geran Stapleton


Cooper Webb was fifth in timed qualifying. Photo by Brian Converse.

1 Chase Sexton 41.706
2 Ken Roczen 41.810
3 Jason Anderson 41.870
4 Eli Tomac 41.884
5 Cooper Webb 41.938
6 Malcolm Stewart 42.066
7 Dylan Ferrandis 42.067
8 Marvin Musquin 42.205
9 Justin Barcia 42.288
10 Joey Savatgy 42.292
11 Aaron Plessinger 42.780
12 Broc Tickle 42.791
13 Dean Wilson 42.825
14 Benny Bloss 43.237
15 Tyler Bowers 43.287
16 Max Anstie 43.443
17 Alex Ray 43.736
18 Justin Starling 44.033
19 Nick Schmidt 44.245
20 Kyle Chisholm 44.253
21 Cade Clason 44.272
22 Brandon Hartranft 44.376
23 Adam Enticknap 44.780
24 Joshua Cartwright 44.783
25 Fredrik Noren 44.789
26 Henry Miller 45.013
27 Joan Cros 45.244
28 Aj Catanzaro 45.387
29 Justin Rodbell 45.915
30 Deven Raper 45.981
31 Theodore Pauli 45.990
32 Vann Martin 46.439
33 Alexander Nagy 46.649
34 Chris Howell 46.763
35 Scotty Wennerstrom 46.849
36 Cheyenne Harmon 46.861
37 Jeremy Smith 46.890
38 Joshua Greco 47.307
39 Mason Kerr 47.641
40 Kyle Greeson 49.001
41 Todd Bannister 49.175
42 David Pulley 52.275


Justin Cooper set his best time in the first qualifying session and then rain fell lightly in the second session. Photo by Brian Converse.

1 Justin Cooper 41.864
2 Seth Hammaker 42.437
3 Hunter Lawrence 42.556
4 Cameron McAdoo 43.014
5 Mitchell Harrison 43.150
6 Garrett Marchbanks 43.153
7 Jalek Swoll 43.153
8 Jarrett Frye 43.444
9 Enzo Lopes 43.446
10 Pierce Brown 43.453
11 Kyle Peters 43.670
12 Robbie Wageman 43.768
13 Derek Kelley 44.200
14 Cedric Soubeyras 44.304
15 Dominique Thury 44.516
16 Jerry Robin 44.562
17 Dilan Schwartz 44.913
18 Coty Schock 45.366
19 Ramyller Alves 45.406
20 Ryan Surratt 45.986


Jett Lawrence was the fastest of the east, but behind Justin Cooper and Seth Hammaker overall. Photo by  Brian Converse.

1 Jett Lawrence 42.464
2 Michael Mosiman 43.072
3 Jo Shimoda 43.160
4 Colt Nichols 43.283
5 Thomas Do 44.034
6 Joshua Varize 44.572
7 John Short 44.722
8 Joshua Osby 44.807
9 Logan Karnow 45.415
10 Luke Neese 45.520
11 Wilson Fleming 45.748
12 Hunter Schlosser 45.978
13 Devin Simonson 46.266
14 Lane Shaw 46.848
15 Geran Stapleton 46.926
16 Maxwell Sanford 47.015
17 RJ Wageman 47.435
18 Brian Marty 47.913
19 Jonah Geistler 47.988
20 Austin Cozadd 48.731

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