PRODUCT: KTM’s power valve can be adjusted by the power-valve adjuster located on the machine’s cylinder. In simple terms, the adjuster changes the preload on the main power-valve spring, allowing you to alter when the power valve opens, which has a dramatic effect on the machine’s powerband. The S3 power-valve adjuster allows you to take full advantage of your engine by being able to regulate your exhaust valve on the fly. The S3 adjuster installs easily and requires no tools to adjust your power valve and experience an instant change in motor feel and reaction.

OUR TAKE: We installed the S3 power-valve adjuster on our KTM 300XC and are thrilled with the ease of adjustment. The TPI machines are a bit dull feeling in upper hit, and dialing in the power valve is key. This really allows you to tweak it on the fly and not have to dig in your tool pack to make adjustments. Installation takes minutes and is straightforward. The construction is high quality and robust. Adjusting is also easier since the knob is big enough to use your fingers to screw the adjuster in or out. We are huge fans and highly recommend this product. It is available for the ’98–’21 KTM 250/300 XC/XCW/EXC/MXC/SX/6D, ’11–’14 Husaberg TE/TC 250/300, ’14–’21 Husqvarna TE/TC/TX 250/300, ’16–‘21 KTM/Husqvarna 125/150, ’18–’21 KTM/Husqvarna 85cc, ’13–’21 Beta 250/300RR, ’21 GasGas 250/300, ’21 GasGas MC85, MC125
PRICE: $69.95
CONTACT: www.slavensracing.com

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