PRODUCT: S3 has come out with a new line of trials riding gear, the Black Angel Collection. The new line offers the same S3 quality with a new unique style and comfort designed for the trials enthusiast. Both the jersey and pants include combined technical fabrics that offer a greater surface of breathable area and increased flexibility. Developed in collaboration with professional riders, the Black Angel trials pants and jersey provide extra comfort and a greater freedom of movement. The jersey itself features a light, extra breathable and resistant pattern. Down below the pants feature an adjustable closure belt, a lightweight and CE-approved knee protector, and a useful pocket that is smartphone-sized.


OUR TAKE: We have been riding a lot of trials with the new S3 gear and are very impressed with the fit and finish of the gear. The temperatures are rising out west, and the light and breathable fabric makes the hot days easier to deal with. We love the mobility that the fabric allows and the soft texture, which enhances feel. Both the pants and jersey are snug-fitting, which is important for the trials rider. When you’re maneuvering the machine, whether it’s basic balancing or advanced hopping moves, you do not want baggy or sagging garments. The flexibility in the fabric makes it very pleasant to move around on the bike. The pocket in the pants is a nice feature, allowing you to carry a phone, score card or even a small bottle of water while riding trials sections.

Overall, the Black Angel line is a good fit for the trials aficionado.
CONTACT: www.s3parts.com/en/

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