Russell Bobbitt Wins Greensboro National Enduro

Greensboro, GA – Red Bull KTM Factory rider Russell Bobbitt won his first National Enduro of the season at Round 2 of the National Enduro Series.

Greensboro is the closest Georgia town to where Bobbitt was raised, and for that reason, is considered his hometown race. “I was excited to pull off a win in front of my hometown friends and family,” reported Bobbitt.

The course was well-received by the riders this weekend. It was a nice course that held up well throughout the day’s event despite a few muddy sections from rain prior in the week. Of the six special tests Bobbitt was able to win four of them which helped him increase his overall lead.

Bobbitt’s teammate and eight-time National Enduro Champion, Mike Lafferty, finished third for the week in spite of a nagging wrist injury from a practice day earlier in the week. “My wrist is not broken, but it is very sore. The pain made it hard to hang on in certain sections, but I am glad I was able to stay close enough to pick up third and stay in the points chase,” commented Lafferty.

I am extremely happy with both riders,” stated Red Bull KTM Off-Road Team Manager Antti Kallonen. “I was proud of Bobbitt for riding strong throughout the entire race to take home the win. I am also impressed with Lafferty’s determination today. I am glad he was able to finish on the podium while having to take it a bit easy due to his hand injury.”

Bobbitt now holds the points lead, with Lafferty only 4 points behind him as they prepare for Round 3.

Overall Results:

  1. Russell Bobbitt – KTM

  2. Jason Raines

  3. Mike Lafferty – KTM

  4. Shane Watts

  5. Brad Bakken – KTM

  6. Cory Buttrick – KTM

  7. Nick Fahringer

  8. Johnny Barber – KTM

  9. Stephen Edmondson

  10. Cole Kirkpatrick

Overall Points:

  1. Russell Bobbitt – 55

  2. Mike Lafferty – 51

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