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January 2013

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Dear Sponsors, Friends and Fans!
As the 2013 race season gets underway we are excited to announce our WORCS  and Baja riders. FMF/RPM/KTM Racing Team Maxxis is proud to announce the following three riders who will compete in the 2013 WORCS series. Jones and Yorba will also race the 250, 500 and 1000 Baja events. Tremaine in addition, will list Endurocross on his schedule.


Justin Jones – WORCS Pro. Baja Pro.
Eric Yorba – WORCS Pro 2. Baja Pro.
Ty Tremaine – WORCS Pro2. Endurocross.


Special thank you to Dean Potts of Bonanza Plumbing who called up, and offered to help Justin Jones and Eric Yorba; especially for Baja. Dean has a lot of confidence in Jones and Yorba, and the team genuinely appreciates Bonanza Plumbing for the extra support.

Thank you so much to all of our previous and current sponsors, crew, fans and friends in the sport we dedicate our lives too. Each and every one of you mean so much to us in making it all possible. We are going to work hard to promote our sponsors, win races, perform for our fans, the press and the media. If there are any suggestions, comments or improvements you would like to see send me an email direct at: [email protected].

We will announce our Endurocross, XGames and GNCC rider line-up in the near future. Stay tuned!

Michael Hurlbert
RPM Racing Team

Justin Jones to Race WORCS Pro  

The 2013 WORCS series kicks off
in Peoria, Arizona January 19th and 20th. Proudly representing FMF/RPM/KTM Racing Team Maxxis in the Pro class will be Justin Jones. Jones has signed on to race both WORCS and Baja on a KTM 450XC. Jones conquered four WORCS Pro 2 podiums in 2012, impressing team owner Mike Hurlbert with his performances. ‘I got the call from Mike Hurlbert asking if I would like to race WORCS Pro and Baja for the team in 2013. I said yes in about 3 seconds!’ stated an ecstatic Jones. ‘KTM had a practice bike all fixed up for me to pick up. While I was there I got to meet Roger Decoster, who my father (Gary Jones) raced with in the early years. I am so happy to be a part of the KTM family now. Mike Hurlbert, KTM and all the great team sponsors are giving me a great opportunity, and I am going to work hard to win races and championships for them in the future,’ Jones continued.

‘I learned a long time ago, ‘A leaf don’t fall to far from the tree,’ commented Mike Hurlbert. ‘Gary Jones was the first AMA Motocross Champion when the series started.  Justin Jones has all the great qualities of his father. Over the years I have socialized with Gary quite a bit at the WORCS events, and really noticed Justin’s results. Now that Justin and I have worked together a little more I have learned what a great person he is. I am confident Justin is destined to be a great rider like his father.’ stated Hurlbert.

Eric Yorba to Race WORCS Pro 2/ Baja 

Eric Yorba will contend in the WORCS Pro 2 class, as well as Baja on a KTM 450XC. Yorba won the 2012 WORCS Pro 2 Lites Championship and is on his way becoming one of the next great off-road racers.’Eric Yorba is another candidate with promising future talent,’ claimed Hurlbert. ‘ Yorba grew up riding with Ivan Ramirez who won the WORCS Pro 2 Championship for us in 2012. Now Yorba and Ramirez are roommates; riding and training together regularly. I would say our odds are very good to repeat the WORCS Pro 2  Championship with this kid’.


Ty Tremaine to Race WORCS/Endurocross

Ty Tremaine will contend in the 2013 WORCS Pro 2 class alongside Yorba on a KTM 450XC. Tremaine is the youngest rider on the team at just 17-years old. ‘Ty Tremaine just races and races and races,’ said Hurlbert. ‘I look up at Endurcross and he is literally contending in three classes. I look up at WORCS and he is in multiple classes that weekend. Last year at the Las Vegas Endurocross  my Wife, Sharie, asked if I had noticed how good this Tremaine kid is getting. I said yes and she said, ‘This one is my pick for our team’s future.’ So I guess Ty rides for Sharie who owns just as much of the team as I do,’ Hurlbert says with a smile.

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